The Mané from the other side of the field

The Mané from the other side of the field
Sadio Mane es todo un futbolista diferente fuera del césped que usa su popularidad y dinero en hacer la vida de otros mejor. PHOTO:
La Liga Española

There are many footballers who, beyond the playing fields, are involved in social work, with greater or lesser impact. But if there is a player who is lately on everyone's lips for it, that is Sadio Mane. And we are facing one of those footballers with a more than interesting personal history off the field.

Senegalese is everywhere, long before the announcement of his recent signing in the FC Bayern Munich. In the last month, the footballer of 30 years and one of the best paid, ha revolucionado las redes al cambiar un crucero en Bali por un partido manchado de barro en su tierra natal.

Mane, un futbolista diferente fuera del campo

Far from what other celebrities show in their official accounts, Mane has decided to choose to show his most human side by moving to Eternal, the town of his childhood. There he played a charity friendly in the middle of the mud. Un terreno muy poco idóneo para este deporte que el propio jugador ha prometido remodelar y convertir un campo con césped.

A visit to their place of origin to recharge their batteries and proudly show off the African Cup with their team. far from bragging, the objective of the new signing of Julian Nagelsmann era compartir el trofeo con sus compatriotas y amigos.

Sadio Mane
Sadio Mane in his presentation as a Bayern player. PHOTO: Twitter @FCBayernES

Comprometido con su comunidad

A gesture that is not surprising coming from Mane. The striker has always been closely linked to his hometown and very committed to the situation there. Since he took flight to start his football career, the money has not stopped arriving and he has invested it in those who saw him born, grow up and become the star you are today.

In recent years he has built a hospital, a service station, a post office, a school…And as if that were not enough, donate around 70 euros mensuales a cada familia. Definitely Sadio Mane has managed to transform his hometown, in a whole city. Definitely, an example beyond the green.

Cristina Martinez

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