Sheriff's market value is lower than Castilla's

Sheriff's market value is lower than Castilla's
How much is the Sheriff's jig worth? You'll be surprised. PHOTO:

¿How much is the Sheriff's market value? It is the question that many will ask themselves when they see the club that participates in the Moldovan Football League but does not really belong to any country.. The ways of the modest team of the city of the self-proclaimed Transnistria and Real Madrid crossed paths in the Champions League 21-22 and they were even able to beat the whites at the Bernabéu. But to understand the magnitude of this machado, this data is worth: the second team of Real Madrid, Castilla, worth more money than the staff of the Sheriff of Tiraspol.

Sheriff's market value lower than that of Real Madrid Castilla

To rate both templates, we had to go to the reference web for it, Transfermarkt that throws us that Castilla market value It is 25,6 million euros while the Sheriff's is 21.5. A comparison that would be almost hateful if it weren't for the fact that the white club's affiliate, militates in the First RFEF, which is the third category of Spanish football and the Tiraspol club that plays in the Moldovan league, is participating in the Champions League.

It's more, with that budget, the Sheriff would occupy the twelfth position of the squad value table in the Smartbank League, the second spanish. An even crazier comparison with your opponent's squad value, Real Madrid whose squad is valued at 756 millions of euros. Something that was not a condition for the Sheriff to 'touch him’ face at the Bernabéu.

And it is that in football that David can knock down Goliath, it is something that we see more and more.

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