The title that Barça does not have

El título que no tiene el Barça
There is a title that Barça resists. PHOTO: UEFA

Last update 7 May, 2024 by Alberto Llopis

¿Sabías decir cuál es el único título que no ha conseguido ganar el Barça hasta el momento en toda su historia? Even if it looks like a lie, a club like FC Barcelona also has a damn competition that they haven't managed to win. In this case the before call UEFA Cup y ahora conocida como Europa League, the only title that Barça does not have, it is for the culé club. And it is that the Catalan team has never been able to win the second European competition. Ni siquiera cuando más favorito parecía tras caer de rebote de la Champions en las temporadas 2021-22 y 2022-23.

El único título que no tiene el Barça

FC Barcelona has played 77 matches in the second European club competition with a balance of 39 victories, 17 draws and 21 defeats. The culé club arrived 4 times to semifinals, last time in season 2000-01, that of the final of Alavés against Liverpool that ended with a result of 4 a 5 in favor of the 'Reds’ but that remained as one of the best endings ever.

The Europa League is the only title that Barça does not have. Since the creation of the UEFA Cup in the season 1971-72, the Catalans have not been able to win any edition of which they have participated. Yes they won 3 times the tournament that was before, the Fairs Cup, although it is a tournament that UEFA does not make official.

El FC Barcelona, has 5 Champions, 5 European Super Cups and 4 Recopas in addition to several Copa Latinas (not official), the aforementioned Fairs Cup and the Eva Duarte Cup. But the Europa League resists him. It is also true that in the last two decades he has always played the Champions League.

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