Copa Latina, one of the first international competitions

Copa Latina, one of the first international competitions
Kubala was one of the first stars of the Latin Cup. PHOTO: KUBALA BOOK
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Do you know the Latin Cup?, Do you know what it was? In the middle of the last century, football began to revive after the Second World War, He had done so much damage to the world and by extension the beautiful game. At the time when the world of football began to discover Kubala and Di Stefano among others, the first international competitions were created.

Copa Latina, one of the first international club competitions

Copa Latina, was one of the forerunners of the current Champions League. Created in 1949, It lasted until 1957, year in which it ceased to give way to European Cup. This cup had a special, He faced the champions of Spain, Portugal, France and Italy. Copa Latina, It was played every year in a different venue, one of the four participating countries with a two semifinals, a match for third and fourth place and a final.

The first edition, Barça won it, in a contested final in the missing stadium of Les Corts Barcelona against Portuguese Sporting Lisbon. The other two participants were Torino and the Stade Reims. The Barcelona, AC Milan and Real Madrid, all with two titles, were the teams that won the competition more times. Portugal's Benfica and Stade Reims, both one, the other two teams were a real competition and happened to remember, but never forgotten.

With the arrival of the European Cup known originally as the European Champions Cup In the season 1955-56, The Latin Cup began to lose prominence until it disappeared a little more and gave way to the most important cup at a not only European level but also worldwide for clubs and that at the beginning of the 21st century would give rise to the Champions League that we know today.

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