MLS: The first derby in the history of Los Angeles will have Mexican flavor

MLS: The first derby in the history of Los Angeles will have Mexican flavor
Carlos Vela en su presentación como nuevo jugador del LAFC. Photo:

He started a new MLS season next prettier than ever. Year after year, the soccer continues to grow and the level of equipment is increasing. Parece que los dueños de las distintas franquicias se han dado cuenta que ya no es tan conveniente hacerse con los servicios de jugadores veteranos que vienen a la liga norteamericana a tener una jubilación de oro y que conviene invertir en jugadores con mayor proyección para que la liga siga creciendo.

This season will be the first in which we have a derby in the city of Los Angeles. If the NBA we are more than accustomed to seeing Lakers play against Clippers, hereinafter, we will have a new rivalry in the city angelina. The LA Galaxy have already settled in Los Angeles FC as a new neighbor. Both teams have started the season with victory and soon will face, specifically the next 31 of March.

If the party did not have enough interest, se da la circunstancia de que se verán las caras varios jugadores mexicanos que llegaron a la MLS procedentes de LaLiga. In the Galaxy, brothers Dos Santos (John y Jonathan) They will face Carlos Vela, newcomer of the Royal Society bound for the United States. All of them, team-mates, will increase the level of a league that is gaining interest as the years pass.

We look therefore what we will offer the North American Championship, Of course, still has some players like David Villa or Giovinco, they will again be some of the main stars of the tournament.

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