Can we talk about football?

Dear hanging:

What a week we've had without football, and the most pathetic is what we have and are living. The week started again, with the bulletin of the goal of the Spanish World Champion team, But that was not all. It has stunned me, the convocation of Nacho Fernández, a player of 23 years that he has played in the First Division with Real Madrid since the season 2010/2011 up to the present and has only played 11 matches in the top flight, regardless of the position you occupy in the field, has been called up and has taken to the field of play, nothing less than replacing the one I would dare to say, one of the best centrals in the world, Sergio Ramos, partner of his at Real Madrid.

Others in the same position and trajectory have a better ranking, such as Oriol Romeu who currently plays for Valencia CF and with better statistics. He has played a whole year in the Premier, a very competitive tournament that gives experience and security to its 22 years. Player who despite being a defensive midfielder can also occupy a central position. Sr. Forest, with your experience, his football knowledge and all the technical team around him, Don't you think that you can find players with more experience and talent among all the national teams??. Surely belonging to Real Madrid with enough cache to represent Spain without having played practically in the elite. A nice, We will have to be patient and hope that the decisions of the Mister are not a slab in this next World Cup Brazil 2014, to which we hope to go without major problem. Those who will play and defend the cup will be us, SPAIN.

And if that was not enough, after the television tostón of the "affair" Bale and Real Madrid, what gives me the impression, is that you have to quickly amortize the cost of this player. The most representative national broadcasters and radio media, They have been talking about this player for about two weeks. I think we already know the brand of his underpants, and soon they will have to take pictures with another woman, their escapades and public events will surely be more important than for what has actually been bought and booked, play football. This is where I see collateral damage. Are we interested in football, we want them to talk about all the football clubs in the BBVA league 15 seconds and we are interested that Mr.. Tebas appears on television to expose its initiatives so that our Liga BBVA disappears?. Forgive, but i said right, disappear.

This would be the disaffection of the hungry and football fans before such horrendous competition and information. But what are you all about? Have you not seen the Mediaset accounts and the drop in your advertising profits?, But is it worth paying to watch Liga BBVA football??. At what time can you watch the games?. Why do we want to see a Valladolid-Elche, if the commentators are going to talk all the time about Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar and now Bale?. Sirs, ENOUGH NOW AND LET'S TALK ABOUT FOOTBALL.

Sergio Barres

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