What to do at halftime at Old Trafford?

What to do at halftime at Old Trafford?
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Let's imagine that we get tickets for one of the most important games of the season in the mythical stadium of Old Trafford, Manchester United home. an exciting journey, top level football and friends. Although it seems like a perfect plan, there is a detail that we do not always take into account: why, during the break of a match, we just sit back and do what we could be doing at home?

Everyone takes out their cell phone and checks the results of the rest of the matches of the day, takes photos or seizes the moment to play in an online casino. Although these are all quick and easy ways to pass the time, I'm sure there are more fun things to do.. In the end, not every day we have free time in one of the best stadiums in the world.

Lovers of football of yesteryear who want to relive what it felt like in an English stadium before the arrival of the big television platforms can visit the new safe standing areas and ask the fans what they think.

Cheering shoulder to shoulder with other fans of our team is the best way to enjoy football, reason why the clubs have fought so hard to recover the standing stands. England has left behind the constant unrest of the years 70 Y 80, so violence in stadiums is no longer a problem. In the grade Stretford End, fans have been unofficially watching football standing up for more than a decade. We can talk to the subscribers who have their locality in this background and perhaps ask them to change the site for us.

By the way, we can stop at one of the bars in the stadium to try the beer that is brewed there and, yes we like, ask in which establishments we can buy it. It is a good way to integrate and connect with the history of the theater of dreams. Tasting the local beer will allow us to face the second half with renewed energy and encourage our team to try to open the market, to keep scoring or to look for a great comeback. It's also a great way to strike up conversation with other fans and share stories from our travels., of our favorite players or what the coach should do at the restart.

If we feel generous, we can approach one of the volunteers of a charity and make a donation or ask if we can collaborate with them in a future meeting. Working as voluntary at matches is a good way to get free access to the stadium and collaborate for a good cause. It could also serve as an excuse to convince some fellow traveler who is not fond of the ball of the need to return to the stadium.

When we've done all this, maybe it's time to take out the cell phone a couple of minutes before the players jump back onto the pitch.

The spirits at the end of the game can be a bit tense if the red devils have not achieved victory, so it is important to know how to move around the area: It is advisable to check the different public transport services and avoid crowds and possible clashes between fans. A good idea is to leave the stadium quickly after the final whistle or even a few minutes before the end of the match or, maybe better, stay on the field for a while to applaud the players and comment on the game with friends.

let's do what we do, the important thing is to make sure you get the most out of the experience and enjoy an unforgettable day.

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