Winning the Champions League to the Second Turkish

Winning the Champions League to the Second Turkish
De ganar la Champions a jugar en la Segunda División turca. Photo: Twitter / @AdsKulubu

Life takes many turns, is a popular saying that is often commonly and more say in the world of football where if possible, still hits many more. One day you're on top and suddenly descend to the lowest. This is the case of many players, like the Golden Boy out in 2008 and champion of Champions that year with Manchester United, Anderson Oliveira.

The former best young player 2008 I was playing in the Gremio in his native country, Brazil and decided to play again in Europe. With 30 years, firm por el Adana Demirspor, Turkish Second Division. The footballer was 8 years in the United where he never consolidated despite being nearly a decade in the club, which he left in 2015 Brazilian football course.

Now it surprises with its destination, in a football and a very distant category of a player who went on to win what won and that only 30 years, It seems to have entered a while in a significant decline of his career. A rather strange fate for a champion of Champions.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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