El extraño ‘Expediente x’ in the manner of sign Levante

El extraño ‘Expediente x’ en la manera de fichar del Levante
Fahad Al-Muwallad one more mystery in the 'X-Files' in terms of Levante signings. Photomontage: Instagram Levante UD

Last update 17 July, 2022 by Alberto Llopis

Not water down the best runway at Levante UD. Granota not living its best after winning a round of fifteen and a half stay is played on Saturday in the match played against Deportivo La Coruna at the Riazor, a duel between rivals. However there is another topic that is screeching and much at home granota, the issue of transfer. Sports club management seems to be quite lost at least that hint at their strange decisions.

One of the things that is causing discomfort among the granota parish is the fact that in April amounted Levante, almost three months before the end of the season, and not only that but almost since January already was clear that the box would play in First granota next year. However on transfer sports club management headed by Tito, former player granota, and Carmelo del Pozo, I was not going to the same speed as the team on the field.

Despite having an advantage of tremendous time and money box after transfers such as Deyverson and Camarasa, granota box jabbed in summer hiring especially to what concerns the position nine where improvisation and the last day of summer market, He left in very bad position responsible for the transfer of the City of Valencia.

Thus came signings like those of Bardhi, Dokouré, Moon and Ivi but some also quite zero contribution as Boateng, Nano, Langerak y Samu. The first arrived 3 million euros and it seems a player subsidiary to make a reference for First. Nano has half standing outside in the winter. Langerak and Samu have come this January having a stay 5 months at the club Orriols. Samu indeed and they said, It was the highest-paid player on the team.

In between also came Alex Joy who was seriously injured shortly after starting the season and Enes Ünal who arrived on loan extempore Villarreal for two months and which will not be sought substitute knowing that turned the box Castellon day 1 from January. If the market was chaotic and dramatic summer for the winter Levante has turned him into a living hell.

The goalkeeper Mitch Langerak, international for Australia, out traded to Japan and several days later confirmed that Raul Fernandez, other goalkeepers are there Muñiz,  it will lose the rest of season after hip surgery. Levante recovered Koke Vegas who was on loan at Alcoyano and all of a sudden he moved on loan to Celta third goalkeeper, Iván Villar in the less strange act.

If it is missing little, on a Sunday afternoon he announced that the Levant took control services Fahad Al-Muwallad, a player from the Arab football is not even a signing itself as it arrives an agreement which brings Laliga 9 jugadores saudíes and pays for them clubs. A move that has done much to heat and granotas fans who had to endure a barrage of messages in Arabic and ninguneo his own club at a time, where the average stay is playing granotas.

Joy winter market at least puts Coke, a player with gallons and level seems to have adjusted like a glove to the house granota. Few days left to close the transfer market, where the Levante has still not signed what I really wanted and needed. The fans have lost faith in some cases. El extraño ‘Expediente X’ of the Levant, the club had more time to plan a season and possibly worse it did.

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