6 league titles in 6 years as a professional

6 títulos de liga en 6 años como profesional
The Frenchman does not get tired of winning league every team he has played (Foto: Bayern)

Last update 7 April, 2018 por Javi Argudo

In the history of football there are very curious cases. There are players who accumulate an incredible history with numerous titles throughout his career. Sin embargo, If we tell you is worthy of study and is on track to record.

The player in question is Kingsley Coman. The French, that carries 6 pro seasons, He has been able to win 6 títulos de liga. The first two achieved as a player Paris Saint Germain, subsequently he won one with Juventus in Italy and now they are three Bundesliga (the last today) with your current club, el Bayern de Munich.

Sin duda, It will be followed very closely track this player, it does not seem that the short term will stop accumulating league titles if still in the ranks of club Munich, which it dominates with a crushing play the German championship.

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