“I shit on the shoes Pique”

“Me cague en las zapatillas de Piqué”
Evra with Pique, Nani, Tevez and Cristiano Ronaldo in Manchester United training. PHOTO: Marca.com

Last update 21 October, 2022 by Alberto Llopis

Patrice Evra he is a different and peculiar guy. We still see him dressed in Bob Marley or dancing in various videos on social networks than giving a karate kick to a fan who jumps onto the field to rebuke him. The last one has been to tell a lurid anecdote that he had with Gerard Piqué at the time of both in the Manchester United.

“I shit on Piqué's shoes”

It is well known the fans of Pique to make jokes, some who have left the hands as when he spat Pedro Soler in full celebration of the World or that Halloween party at Getafe when they broke dressed in full press conference. On this occasion, His joke got the replica French, all is said, it was pretty gross.

“They burned my shoes. I did not like and was Gerard Piqué. So I grabbed my own, I went to the bathroom and I screwed up in their slippers” He explained Patrice Evra. Some statements that the Catalan central defender does not like very much.

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