Ivica the Sailor, a very unfortunate signing in the history of Sevilla

Ivica the Sailor, a very unfortunate signing in the history of Sevilla
Ivica Mornar was one of the worst signings in the history of Sevilla. PHOTO: Archive

Ivica the Sailor is one of los peores fichajes en la historia del Sevilla. it Croatian, He arrived at the Nervión club at a turbulent time in the club's history, a season that fans will remember as one of the worst in terms of quality of players. The bell 1996/97 gathered a series of “phenomena” that left their mark, although not precisely because of his sporting successes.

Ivica the Sailor, a signing of the “Ley Bosman”

At the height of the “Ley Bosman”, the croatian striker, born in 1974, He arrived in the city of Seville with the label of being one of the best Croatian attackers of his generation. However, its performance in Sevilla FC It was beyond disappointing.. With the Sevilla shirt, Mornar could only score 2 goals in 11 parties, a very poor record for someone with his reputation. The next year, He was loaned to Orense, who at that time was active in the Spanish Second Division and also had a tendency to sign exotic players. In Galicia, Ivica the Sailor improved its numbers, scoring 8 goals in 22 parties.

The Croatian did not win a relevant place in the history of Sevilla FC, but not precisely because of his exploits on the field. The fans at the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán Stadium will surely remember Mornar for a long time as one of the most questionable forwards to have ever stepped on their pitch.. But unfortunately for them, He wasn't the only one that went wrong that season..

Ivica the Sailor
A Sevilla lineup from the preseason 1996 with Mornar in it. That was a bad year for Sevillismo. PHOTO: Archive

His time at the Andalusian club was characterized by a notable lack of efficiency, and only managed to score a couple of goals in irrelevant situations. One of them served to cut an adverse marker of 0-2 when time was running out, although Mornar celebrated the goal as if it were the winning goal.

After his experience in Seville, Mornar continued his career in Germany, Bélgica e Inglaterra, where he finally retired wearing the jersey of the Portsmouth inglés. His appearance also attracted attention, given that, despite his obvious alopecia, He chose to dye the few remaining hairs blonde, creating an unforgettable look. A player of the so-called 'Random’ of Spanish football at the end of the 90.

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