Carlos Secretary: One of the worst signings in the history of Real Madrid

Carlos Secretario: Uno de los peores fichajes de la historia del Real Madrid
Carlos Secretary on the day of his transfer to Real Madrid. FOTO:

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Carlos Secretary He may be one of the worst full-backs to have stepped on the Bernabéu band. The Portuguese defender signed in summer 1996 por el Capello's Real Madrid, It is one of the classics in all the lists of los worst players in the history of Real Madrid. This Portuguese footballer wore the white shirt like great cracks like Figo or Cristiano Ronaldo although he marked an era in the opposite way.

Carlos Secretary, one of the worst signings in the history of Real Madrid

En 1996, Real Madrid made the worst season in recent history. With a sixth place at that time it did not give access to European competition, The whites, They had staged one of the biggest disappointments of his long and successful history. With change of president included, Madrid decided to start a revolution that would lead them to win the league title again, the well-known season of ‘La Liga de las Estrellas‘, and a year later the seventh European Cup in its history.

This united revolution from the hand of the newly incorporated Ley Bosman, He led the Bernabeu quality players like Mijatovic, Sugar, Seedorf or Roberto Carlos and Carlos Secretary who came from playing with Portugal the Eurocopa de 1996 and have completed some good seasons with Porto. But he was not even able to remove the position of a veteran Chendo who at that time was almost more of a former player than anything else..

The signing of Panucci ended his career at Real Madrid

So bad were the benefits of Carlos Secretary with the white shirt that the club was forced to hire the Italian Panucci in the winter market of that season already in January 1997.

Finally, the portuguese side after playing 13 parties, left with more pain than glory, Real Madrid claiming that he had not been able to adapt because everyone was against him, almost blaming one “Black Hand” for years later to throw pests of Fabio Capello whom he came to call ‘bad person’ in an interview with the newspaper Brand.

Carlos Secretario
Carlos Secretary chases Ronaldo at Real Madrid-Barcelona de la 1996-97. FOTO: Brand

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