Paco Alcacer, back home?

Paco Alcácer, ¿vuelta a casa?
According to different media, Paco Alcacer is fumbling back to Valencia. Foto: -

Last update 27 July, 2018 por Alberto Llopis

According to the newspaper Sport, Paco Alcacer would be expecting a call from Valencia to return to the place where he trained, He debuted and won. The Valencia striker, who signed ago 2 years for FC Barcelona, or has failed to win or settle in the club FC Barcelona and would be groping his return to Mestalla.

That's why, Sport, Paco Alcacer reports today that, valencianista expect a call from club to return to his home went from small. According to the same medium, If the offer convinces the youth squad player of Valencia, accept the offer.

A return would have to see how it is received by the fans valencianistas. And is that since a large segment of the parish who come to Mestalla, It is not well seen as forms and then '9’ direction left to club can. They were not few memes, insults in the same networks nicknames like “Pipas Alcacer”. We'll see if finally his return occurs and if it is able to win back the hearts of a hobby for once was an idol.

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