Pietro Tomaselli, the new Messi arriving from Belgium

Pietro Tomaselli, the new Messi arriving from Belgium
Pietro Tomaselli is one of those great promises of world football. PHOTO: Twitter

Pietro Tomaselli He is a young man born in Belgium but of Italian origin born in 2004 who defends the Roma shirt since the 9 years. The Roman painting, he looked at the benefits of the future pearl when he barely played with children his age to take him to Italy.

Pietro Tomaselli, the new Messi

The still teenager who possesses the double Belgian-Italian nationality, He has been demonstrating from a very young age that his qualities and technical skills are far above the ordinary, which has caused him to be given that sometimes damn sambenito of ‘The new Messi’. Something that also comes from the videos that circulate on YouTube where you can see similarities in actions and also in the physical appearance of both.

The truth and how it happens in these cases, then Pietro Tomaselli may become the new star of world football, become a great elite player or be one of those promises that do not go as far as dangerous expectations place them, the fearsome footballers who were going to star but end up crashed. Something that we will not know until it reaches professional football. If that happens, here we will tell you more about him.

Pietro Tomaselli with Totti
Pietro Tomaselli has a good reference in Rome, nothing more and nothing less than ‘Il Capitano’ Francesco Totti. PHOTO: Blessed football

Some of the best videos of Pietro Tomaselli

The boy is a real phenomenon on YouTube where we can find many videos of him, since I was a child of 7-8 years until today already in adolescence. Videos in which he is compared among others as it could not be otherwise with Leo Messi. We compile some of these videos.


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