Dangerous "endurance" of Mexican bars

Dangerous "endurance" of Mexican bars
The fight between the bars of Veracruz and Tigres came even playing field. Photo: Youtube

Despite the constant and increasingly violent notices that give the "hooligans" in Mexican stadiums, the federal authorities remain static and mutism astounding and worries, even more than the actions that young vandals organized very often -at cry of "Stamina!- under the pretext of "supporting" their favorite teams.

Actually, signs that these pseudoseguidores only go to the football scenarios vent their criminal instincts, They are each clearer day. We know that all these so-called "entertainment groups" are in fact cartels disorder, brutality, transgression and excess, which they are supported, with ticketing for matches and economic support for transportation and meals, by the directives of clubs, that in its eagerness to demonstrate that they have "many followers", They have opened the door to scoundrels who find the ideal means to commit a crime and go unpunished.

Regrettably, The phenomenon “bar”, “ultra” O “Hooligan” It is spread all fields in the world.

For over a decade the authorities of the Mexican soccer in general and some teams in particular have spoken to regulate the "bars", acotándoles identifying them and their power of action to diminish or disappear violent acts inside and outside the precincts of the country Balompédicos.

But little or nothing has been done about it. Everything has been in doublespeak, as the "baristas" continue to operate in total banditry, sheltered by the shield of the institution "support".

Completely eradicate, that is to say, disappear "hooligans" of stadiums, probably would only detonate a major problem, Not finding these teens an outlet for their energies. What it is is to have direct and constant communication with their leader or leaders, fully identify its members and monitor their behavior, from before approaching the scene of a game.

Being monitored, with a suitable badging, may know who the “aficionado”, what is your name, your age, where do you live, Y, obviously, identify with your photograph; therefore be able to give you a tracking criminal records with the authorities of state prosecutors, to see if they have broken the law in some way at some point.

But the phenomenon of "bars" goes far beyond making disorders in the context of a sporting event, as stated by researchers and sociologists. So I have had to watch for more than a decade to devote to sports journalism, they are like “initiation tribes” for future criminals, because it is in her womb where many acquire “full age” as gangsters tomorrow, through actions like smoking a marijuana carrujo or take a "pericazo" of cocaine in the game and before the police, and insulting and assaulting rival fans, or stone and / or hijack buses, or sack liquor: and demonstrate their “value” Y “commitment” Within these “Support groups” Y, obviously, his courage..

Bars roam width at stadiums not only in Mexico but throughout Latin America.

In May 2004, when in a Copa Libertadores match between the American and Brazilian Sao Caetano Uppercase disorders they were presented at the "Azteca" stadium, which he had as its main protagonist "La Monumental", stellar "bar" of Eagles and included invasion of its members to the very court and launching missiles, including masonry trucks!, the azulcrema club decided to integrate a standard with members of other movements that support pseudo, as "Ritual of Kaos" and "Disturbance", for, to identify, inhibit criminal acts. The Mexican Football Federation applauded this measure and shortly thereafter the other teams recommended that mimicked.

But nevertheless, Americanist initiative originated another problem: the leaders of those "entertainment groups" to hoard credentials issued by the club and sell their own members and the general public. As he revealed in an investigative report 2011, credentials cost between 50 Y 350 pesos (approximately 2.38 Y 16.66 euros, at current exchange rates), depending on the expectation of the party, and at the entrance of "Azteca" they were exchanged for a complimentary ticket for parties of Eagles.

Lucrative business remains in the hands of a few vivales, agreeing with the coordinator of the groups animation team and club employee America at that time. That is to say, the institution knew and perhaps even promoted profiting credentials, because for every game amount was collected from the 240 thousand and one million 680 A thousand pesos (between 11,428 Y 80 a thousand euros, at current exchange rates). not inconsiderable.

It does not take a genius to interpret this scheme operates in all or most of the Mexican squads, and then largely understood why this phenomenon and inaction of directives. Why kill the "goose that lays golden eggs", If "Passion has a price"?

Then one understands also the fascination that surrounds the fans for turning "baristas", and follow their team throughout the national territory, leaving everything behind and facing adverse situations on every trip (where to sleep, what to eat, How toileting), clashes with other "bars" and even against the police, risking, literally, life,

Beyond socioeconomic aspects, according to studies the average age of the members of these groups varies among children 12 years young 25 years about.

The worst thing is I'm sure that if these assumptions “aficionados” They are given a basic questionnaire about team history say “support”, I'll bet not know nor answer basic questions. Likewise, just simply watch the "bar" to realize a peculiarity: throughout the duration of the match, They do not look at what is happening on the court, because they are almost always giving back, and simply spend their singing, jumping and consuming alcoholic beverages and, in some cases, to drug. They go to disorder, no football.

The "baristas" find support and identity in these groups, a "life" in the family not found. And if separate directives clubs give them the minimum facilities to travel to different cities, only in exchange for carrying a T-shirt and scream and jump like banshees in their favor, because the circle is closed.

Recent events in Veracruz last -On Friday 17- do nothing but light another warning light, yet it goes unnoticed for leaders of national football comodinos. They are too busy counting their huge profits generated by all sport (transfers as many foreign players, Batches arriving by the country and check price rate at cracks, although their quality and professionalism is more than doubtful), and they will not worry about little things like you have been injured and almost killed in a stadium, and innocent families have been in the midst of a confrontation between "bars" war which reached proportions.

Bars Tigres and Veracruz remained a sad fight in the stadium Pirata Fuente. Photo: depose

The risk of a "Argentinization" (with people dying from gunshot wounds or knives even before the meetings start) It is latent in Mexico, but it seems not to matter. There have already been cases of "baristas" who kill each other, Such is his obfuscation by alcohol and drugs and their disinterest in football.

Perhaps so many signs in another country and would have obliged the authorities to intervene, even civil order. But here in Mexico, federative only say, paraphrasing the "baristas": endurance!

Javiera. Gordillo Pérez

Javiera. Gordillo Pérez

voracious reader, passionate writer, and hungry follower good game of football at any latitude and time. Romantic heart and ball, proudly Mexican and hanged for football.
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