Veterans League

Veterans League

Modern football has brought another perspective or paradigm of the sport. basically, the players of yesteryear, another profile, They have given way to other impossible hairstyles, colored boots, tattoos, Ferraris, Masserattis and other billionaires sports. In summary, the players have become stars and any little guy who stands out in a half First team is jumping on the bandwagon fast. Perhaps some trash TV programs that exist in Spain have helped this.

However, there are always the last to resist. And it is that the Spanish league is the league with veterans of Europe. Here we can find players born between 1975 y 1980 and a few of 1981 y 1982. That is players from 34 y 41 years. Without going any further cases Valerón found in Las Palmas, Manuel Pablo in Deportivo and Juanfran Garcia in the Levant, forties or nearly all of them and more than two decades of professional football in his boots. These three are indeed, the oldest players in the league.

Other cases of veterans are Welington of Malaga, David Navarro Levante and Athletic Gurpegi who handled between 36 y 37 years. Case They are those of Aduriz and Rubén Castro apart, nacidos en 1981 and those with 35 years or almost, They are among the top scorers in the league and far exceed the number of other players many more young people have more pleasure without having tied them with anyone. They are the Spanish football Benjamin Button, the more you get older, the better. We show you in an infographic of few veterans playing in European leagues.

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