When you win a game you can become the biggest win of your country

Cuando ganar un partido puede convertirse en la victoria más importante de tu país
Andorran players celebrate the victory against Hungary. Photo: Brand / AFP

Last update 12 June, 2017 by Alberto Llopis

Never one win and 3 points generated the same feeling as winning a World. It may sound exaggerated but what is lived 9 June 2017 at the stadium in Andorra. Hungary visited the small country in the Pyrenees to face a FIFA team that occupied a position below teams like the Solomon Islands and Fiji. los Hungarians, They conducted a Euro 2016 very good and even came close to eliminating the champions then proclaim, The Portuguese.

The match, official for the championship of Russia 2018, it certainly appeared as a procedure for Hungarians. But it was not and Andorra, It was a victory that was celebrated as a title. It is normal if we consider that is the second victory in a competitive match for this set in 13 years said soon. “How nice it is to win!” Ildefons Lima commented, 20 years wearing the shirt of Andorra and 2004 which it was lost before this match against Hungary the only official victory Andorra, to be punished. The rival at that early victory 2004 was Macedonia.

We can say that 2017 It is already the best year in the history of Andorra. They beat San Marino in a friendly that pitted the two teams had more years without winning a game (even friendly), They tied to 0 to Faroese and knocked to Hungary it was one of the revelations of the Euro 2016. Never one year was so productive for willful Andorrans players. And that is when losing is normal, a victory tastes heavenly

Alberto Llopis

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