Barcelona and Madrid are tied by Messi and Ronaldo

Two goals from the two biggest stars of each equipment, Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, for a draw in the classic Spanish football leaving things as they were, with Barcelona keeping their eight-point lead over the team merengue.

With a defense of circumstances, Tito Vilanova those suffered in the first half, where Mourinho's team had knocked out at the club after the 0-1 Cristiano and a shot to the stick of Benzema.Pero error Pepe reaction allowed Barca, in the second half felt better. Messi scored the 2-1, a great free kick and equalized shortly after Cristiano.

Before thousands of flags at the Camp Nou stellate, Barcelona and Madrid showed the dependence of their estrellas.Del think tank of Tito Vilanova was born a new central. Without regular partner -Puyol and Piqué-, Barca coach decided Adriano and Mascherano companion, but mostly he decided to populate their midfield to gain control of midfield situación.En expected Busquets, Xavi, Cesc's Iniesta, but Mourinho bet, with Ozil operations manager gave more results.

The Barca, with an excess of talent, just not find the time. The real Madrid, sin necesidad de crear, enough she had to come up with danger to the goal of Valdes, refugee in a defense with an average height 1,71 metros: Alves and Mascherano (1,71 metros), Alba (1,70) and Adriano (1,72).

The first chance of the Madrid could not be otherwise: in a dead-ball, a corner kick Sergio Ramos who finished only (m.19), the ball passed close to the first poste.La combination of Cesc and Iniesta created the first chance for Barca. The first team move from Real Madrid ended in gol.La intelligence input from Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo left.

The low shot to the post of goalkeeper was unstoppable. Madrid is ahead, Cristiano scored his ninth goal in five games and showed great state of forma.Si Benzema, dos minutos después, He had been as sharp as his companion, surely the history of the party had been another, but the Frenchman finished off the stick and missed the chance of killing the Barça.Bien put Madrid, Mourinho's team top, Vilanova those were unknown, with an unrecognizable football, Barca needed a 'click’ to activate, but did not expect it to be like ocurrió.La second time he appeared Iniesta generated a pass from the right.

Pedro center deflected by a forest of legs, a clearance and a miscalculation of Pepe prompted the ball came to Messi. Argentina was unfazed to empatar.En 30 minutes had passed too much. Barca could feel happy that the score was tied and had gotten an extra easy life against an opponent who had inspired more danger.

En el segundo tiempo, the Vilanova fought with the ball. Madrid did not play with much continuity, but zarpazos Cristiano and Benzema sowed doubts before a local defense circunstancial.Necesitaban Messi grow, They needed Barca keep possession and they got. Details of the stars would eventually decide and so fue.Marcó Messi, a superb free kick, and he equalized five minutes later Cristiano (m.66), after a great cross from Özil.

The match was played in fits and starts, Barca pause and the terminal velocity of the Madrid, antagónicos.Al final two styles, It was closer to the victory of the local. Montoya crashed a shot into the crossbar in the minute 89 and added time, one slalom found Pedro Casillas's goal. He tied the club and keeps the differences.

Julio Muñoz

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