Real Madrid 1 Barcelona 1: Vertigo match at the Bernabeu

Real Madrid 1 Barcelona 1: Vertigo match at the Bernabeu

The semifinals of the Copa del Rey left us the umpteenth game of the century, the Bernabeu, stadium accustomed to these needs hosted the clash between the two heavyweights of world football, between the two possibly most powerful squads on the planet. Messi versus Ronaldo, the duel was served.

Real Madrid presented itself with the loss of its captain Iker Casillas, injured and with the morbidity of who was going to replace the also captain of the Spanish team in the Madrid goal, Si Adan, involuntary protagonist of the controversy of the goal or the recently signed, Diego López who has returned to the club after being signed by Sevilla almost expressly. Finally the second was going to be the headline.

Real Madrid 1 Barcelona 1 Copa del Rey, Ronaldo and PuyolReal Madrid 1 Barcelona 1 cOPA del Rey,card to Pique

The game started fast, in an individual move by Cristiano Ronaldo and that was going to cost Gerard Piqué the yellow card in a more spectacular tackle that was really missing. In that same action, Pinto was going to respond in a phenomenal way, making an exceptional save and saving the 1-0.

The first half was going to be hectic with a first leg for both teams, although with more possession for FC Barcelona. Xavi Real Madrid -FC Barcelona of Copa del Reyhe was going to crash a shot into the crossbar in a masterful free-kick that could have been Barcelona's first goal. Después, a blunder by Carvalho giving a ball to his goalkeeper, without realizing that Cesc Fabregas was there, he was about to cost his team a goal, Xavi's shot was going to save him Varane, precisely the young Frenchman was going to be the best of his team in the first part.

Benzema was going to miss a resounding goal against Pinto after good control but the shot was going to go off the side of the net. The game was dizzying but the ball refused to enter. Barcelona tried to paralyze the crazy rhythm in which the game had turned while Real Madrid tried to pull caste.

En el 35 the only doubtful play of the first part was going to arrive. Dangerous arrival of Madrid. Essien breaks Barça's defense with a good pass to Callejón, he puts it behind and Dani Alves takes it out before Benzema finishes off. The Brazilian full-back sliced ​​the ball with his leg and then it bounced off his arm, but Clos Gómez did not signal a penalty.

Real Madrid 1 FC Barcelona 1 vertigo party

In the minute 4 of the second half, Barcelona was going to score first through Cesc Fabregas. Assistance from Messi and Fabregas was going to beat Diego López with a cross shot. Barcelona scored first and put the semifinal uphill for Mourinho's team. a few minutes later, in the minute 10, Varane was going to cut and avoid the chance of the second by snatching the ball from Fabregas again when he stood alone in front of Diego López. The coach of Barcelona Roura, I was going to ask for a penalty but Varane's play was clean.

En el 14, Cristiano Ronaldo made a sensational foul, unusual in him. Cristiano misses a very clear shot at the far post Real Madrid 1 Barcelona 1 goal by Cesc Fabregasone meter from the lime line after a good cross from Essien and Piqué's only mistake. Precisely Piqué in the minute 21 He was going to save another clear chance by stealing the ball from Cristiano Ronaldo when he was about to beat Pinto. The Catalan central defender and Varane were becoming the best players on both teams. Fabregas, Today dressed as Messi, He was going to have another chance to score but he was going to throw the ball over the Real Madrid goal.

The Barça was going to go back to pardon the second. Great pass from Cesc to Pedro, overcoming the Madrid defense and the canary was going to fail only in a very clear one-on-one against Diego López. He crossed it too much and the ball brushed the far post of the Madrid goalkeeper.

En el 36, Early, Real Madrid's best player was going to tie the game with an impeccable header. The French defender, Impeccable in defense, he also became the best in attack on his team. Great future for this defender who today made plenty of merits to continue as a starter in the Madridista defense. Antes, Messi had complained about a hand from Carvalho that had cut him off a dangerous arrival into the white area.

There was still going to be time for Diego López to save the furniture with a great save. In the end there was a tie and everything was open for the return in a real high-level game., justifying the amount of talent on both teams, in a match where the stars of both teams, Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi went unnoticed.

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