Real Madrid new champion of Supercopa of Spain proclaims

Great game starring between the two heavyweights of Spanish football and world football. Karat quality on the lawn of the Santiago Bernabeu in a match high voltage, that has fallen from the white side. The real Madrid, especially in the first 45 minutes gave a real lesson in attacking football speed, and uncheck the first touch. Always winning the back of the two Barcelona centre-backs, Piqué and Mascherano, They could only observe powerless as Gonzalo Higuaín, Angel Di Maria and Cristiano won them the game with tremendous ease.

Madrid would not take much to give the first shock Victor Valdes, when Higuain was just planting and goalkeeper Catalan would derail his chance. The second time, in the minute 11, Argentina was not going to fail. Pepe goes long, the back of the defense of Barcelona and failure more amateur than professional Mascherano, he “Hangnail”, I was not going to fail to shoot Victor Valdes. Argentina certainly would spare his life to Barcelona with up to four times sung, in a match which could have gone into legend. The Barcelona, He was unable to find his touch game. Xavi and Iniesta, They failed to develop his football and Messi wandered alone through the countryside without showing his usual class. Cristiano meanwhile, He gave a full display of football power, speed and quality. The Portuguese would score a goal videogame, to the regatearse Pique with gorgeous hat heels and bring the madness to the Bernabeu before the eyes of the defense resigned Catalan.

From then on, Madrid was going to begin a string of missed chances that would end with the expulsion of Adriano after tackling Cristiano, who was unstoppable and advancing to score the goal. 3-0. But when it forgives and more against Barcelona, these things happen. Messi, gone so far, It would mark a genuine goal-kick before which nothing could make Iker Casillas. Madrid could have thrashed in the first half and was leaving for the break 2-1. He had left.

The second part, with Barcelona with 10 the tide changed much. Tito Vilanova's team, He began to control the game with their game of touch and possession. Madrid meanwhile, which he had a man more, He crouches waiting their chance to close the trophy to the backlash. A) Yes, there were occasions where deliveries were Casillas, to save two goals and one sung by Pedro Valdes Montoya and a shot Khedira. The stick would prevent the goal of Higuaín. Song debuted and Modric , at the end of the game Messi that grazed the goal of Iker Mateu Lahoz and he blew the final whistle of the match proclaiming supercampeon. al Real Madrid. First title for whites this season.

Alberto Llopis

Hanged for football fully. Attempt to gather letters and tell stories in Specialist retro football Current. Football Coach Level II. You can follow me on @AlbertiniLlopis @colgadosfutbol
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