Borussia Dortmund 1- Bayern de Munich 2: The third time lucky for the whole Munich

Borussia Dortmund 1- Bayern de Munich 2: A la tercera va la vencida para el conjunto de Munich

Last update 26 May, 2013 by Alberto Llopis

Bayern Munich manages to win its fifth European Cup after losing two finals in the last three years. They say that whoever follows it gets it and that's what the fans and players of Bayern Munich should think. From 2010 the muniques team had reached three finals counting tonight's and had lost two.

Wembley, the mythical English stadium was chosen for the historic event, two German teams faced each other for the coveted continental tournament. With thousands of enthusiastic fans from both sides, the game turned into a spectacle of superlative dimensions..

And it wasn't going to disappoint. We have possibly witnessed the best final in recent years, with a dynamic game, with occasions, played from power to power between two teams that have shown why they were fighting for the title of best team in Europe.

In a game marked by goalkeepers, where Weidenfeller for Dortmund and Neuer for Bayern have made up to five decisive saves and where Robben, that it seemed that he was going to live a black night after failing several very clear goals, he was going to end up being the hero of his own.

Both Jurgen Klopp and Heynckes were going to go out with everything. Dortmund well planted on the field was going to have the first chance of the match but Neuer was going to disrupt it, The first part was going to be a dance of chances from goal to goal, a football party, So much so that the surprising thing was the 0-0 end after first 45 minutes. Robben had forgiven two very clear heads-up to put Bayern ahead.

Heyncknes alcanza la cumbre de su carrera
Heyncknes reaches the peak of his career

In the second part, Bayern was going to score first. Mandzukic finished at pleasure a pass of the death of Robben, without a doubt the protagonist of the party. Then Subotic was going to get a clear goal ball against precisely Robben who was not going to arrive. Borussia was going to tie the game after an innocent penalty from Dante, that by the way he should have been expelled but the referee was going to forgive him the second yellow card in the action of the penalty.

Gündogan was going to score the penalty in the minute 68, tying the game and giving hope to a Borussia that was going to deflate after drawing. The match was headed for extra time., when at the last breath Robben was going to go from hero to villain, when it seemed that he was going to be shot, the Dutchman was going to get his reward and in the process end his jinx of losing finals.

After a personal play he was going to beat the Dortmund goalkeeper and was going to give him the precious “orejona” al Bayern. A year after losing the Champions League in its own stadium, football returned glory to Bayern, after losing three final fives since 1999 and crowned a historic season for a great career like that of Jupp Heynckes, if they beat Stuttgart in the German Cup final the coach will leave with a treble. Jurgen Klopp will have to keep waiting but Dortmund have proven to be a great team.

El Bayern de Munich a la tercera fue la vencida
Bayern Munich to the third time was the charm

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