Bruce Grobbelaar, as great as eccentric

Bruce Grobbelaar, as great as eccentric
Bruce Grobbelaar and colored mascara. The former South African nationalized Zimbabwean goalkeeper was always a very peculiar guy in all his outfits. Photo: The Standard

Bruce Grobbelaar He is one of those characters that a man hung by football must know. Eccentric and striking, this neighbor-looking doorman of the fifth of any of you readers, with his mustache and his bald head, played among other things more than 600 matches as goalkeeper of one of the greats, Liverpool with which he won a European Cup in a performance remembered forever in the penalty shootout of that final. But Grobbelar was much more.

Bruce Grobbelar, the South African-born international goalkeeper for Zimbabwe

Born in south africa, back in the year 1957, Curiously, his career began in cricket and baseball, where he even got a scholarship to go to the United States, but he found it more difficult to cut balls between three sticks.. After being enrolled for two years in the army, managed to start his dream in the cold lands of Canada. He began his career as a professional goalkeeper in the late 70 in ancient NASL playing for the Vancouver Whitecaps. From there he traveled to England to defend the goal of Crewe Alexandra.

His good performances opened the doors of Liverpool where he would be during 14 years and where he would live everything. Since that final of the European Cup where he danced for the Roma players to end up stopping several decisive penalties. He came to simulate that he ate the network as if they were spaghetti. An action that went down in history. Eccentric and cool, it was peculiar even to perform spectacular songs, could not be discreet or for that. In a derby against Everton he finished clean with McManaman, who at that time was a youth.

After leaving Liverpool, he left for Southampton but the dark point of his career came in 1994 when he was accused of rigging matches for a Malasya betting house. This action apart from undermining his career, it cost him a hard economic setback even though he was found not guilty. Since 1995 until 1999, year in which he played his last game with 42 years he was at l Oxford United, Plymouth Argyle, Sheffield Wednesday y Oldham Athletic. Despite being born in South Africa, played with the Zimbabwean team, country to which he was very close and of which he had nationality although his career with the African team had little relevance.

Bruce Grobbelaar, all genius and character.
Bruce Grobbelaar, all genius and character. PHOTO: The Sun

As a curiosity, his daughter, she became famous after discovering that she was dedicated to doing striptease on webcam, seems to have inherited something from the father. Controversial and striking, not long ago it came to the fore again by literally stating that Mignolet, Liverpool goalkeeper like him, “he was worse than Dracula”. Maybe he lacked adding the werewolf to make him even more evil. a crack. If you want to see the one he mounted in the final in Rome you can read : Five anecdotes of five goalkeepers you should knowr

Some curious images of Bruce Grobbelar's career

Grobelaar headless
¿Sleepy Hollow? No, Bruce Grobbelaar. PHOTO: The Standard
Bruce Grobbelaar knew how to celebrate titles. PHOTO: The Sun
Bruce Grobbelaar and Peter Smeichel, dos cracks.
Bruce Grobbelaar and Peter Schmeichel, dos cracks. PHOTO: Pinterest
Higgins is not the butler of Magnum PI but Grobbelaar.
Higgins is not the butler of Magnum PI but Grobbelaar. PHOTO: The Sun
Bruce Grobbelaar
Bruce Grobbelaar with straight hair in his early days. PHOTO: The Sun
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