Five porters five stories you should know

Five porters five stories you should know

Goalkeeper say that is the most difficult position in world football. Always in the solitude of the three suits and dress so different from the rest, his performance is always in the spotlight. Whether for good or ill, never leave anyone indifferent, their mistakes or their successes, always stand on the collective. The goalkeeper is the misunderstood that always leaves and left curious stories to tell. Because, in Colgados, you want to be five stories related five goalkeepers. Miral.

A UFO flew past Pepe Reina

Pepe Reina It was due to be stunned when he conceded this goal. Sunderland-Liverpool season 2009-10 Premier League will always be remembered by the odd goal that cost the Reds defeat. He ran the first part of the game, when a fan threw a beach ball to the area Spanish goalkeeper. Players and referee continued to play without noticing the situation, until the ball landed at the feet of Darren Bent, who shot to door.

The ball, the official, He hit the beach, diverting its trajectory and into the goal defended by goalkeeper Spanish. The referee has no complicated, He gave as a valid goal, It is one of the strangest goals, Estramboticos rare and never marked.

Palop's goal earned a bachelor's UEFA

Andres Palop He happened to the history of the UEFA Cup by achieving classify Sevilla for the quarter-finals thanks to a goal in the last minute in their match with Shakhtar Donest. With 2-2 the score, Valencia goalkeeper Andalusian, He rose desperately to finish a corner and was lucky to finish all alone to achieve 2-3 pass that gave the tie to Sevilla, team that eventually would champion of the competition. Worthy of this party is also the goal of Matuzalem, laying on the Ukrainian side edge. The Brazilian finished off acrobatically, imitating the famous Scorpion Higuita at Wembley.

Molina debut in the selection as end

José Francisco Molina, the great goalkeeper of Atletico Madrid and Deportivo La Coruna, among many other equipment, starred in one of the most curious anecdotes are remembered. It was in his debut match, in a friendly against Norway played the 24 April 1996.

Juanma Lopez had been injured and no further changes be made available outfielders, the then national coach Javier Clemente had the curious idea of ​​putting on the pitch Valencia goalkeeper inside left.

 Molina's good not out of tune at all and was even close to scoring, in a shot that went near the Norwegian goal. Undoubtedly, He gave the team a clear offensive vocation, although it seems lie.

Many years later, in 2009, in a friendly between Manchester United and Valencia an Old Trafford, Emery Miguel Angel Moya stood at, third goalkeeper of the Valencia team at that time, playing field in the absence of changes after injury.

Five anecdotes five porters
Molina made his debut as a field player in the Spanish selection 1996.

Bruce Grobbelaar he danced to the Romans

Happy is the promised the Romans in editing European Cup 84. On the house, Olympic, would be the scene of the final and the Italian team had managed to reach the final after overturn a 2-0 Dundee United Scottish averse.

In front, a classic, el Liverpool, team already had three orejonas in his possession. The tough game ended with a tie, so for the first time in history, the two finalists were playing the trophy in the penalty shootout.

The Romans began with advantage in shots from the spot. But nevertheless, when things looked worst, South Africa Bruce Grobbelaar, where zany goalkeeper had, figure genius and time, Capable of the best and the worst, acted.

First simulating eating a "SPAGUETTI" with the goal net that caused the failure Conti and with 3-2 in favor of English, performing a dance which mimicked the legs were going and lost his balance. Stunned, Francesco Graziani missed, leaving the title held by Kennedy who made no mistake and gave the fourth European Cup to Liverpool.

Peter Rufai, a goalkeeper with blue blood

the circumstance occurred during the decade of the 90's, He played in the Spanish League player blue blood. It was about Peter Rufai, who played Hercules Alicante season 1996/97 and Deportivo La Coruna from 1997 until 1999.

Rufai the style of the legendary and classic film of the 80's, ”ethe Príncipe de Zamunda“, starring Eddy Murphy,  was a prince Idimu in Nigeria, something like a prince of a Spanish province.

Further. It was a box of surprises as spoke five languages, He had a Master in IT and other business management. League did not play much, but Prince played two World Cup and Africa. With its selection disputed 65 but certainly matches, always remained the story that quite a Real player real, He played in the Spanish League.


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