Bruno, the doorman who murdered his girlfriend and that was allegedly fed his dogs, back to professional football

Bruno, the doorman who murdered his girlfriend and that was allegedly fed his dogs, back to professional football
Bruno, the goalkeeper convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend with his new team jersey. Photo: Facebook

The scandal has broken out in Brazil and no wonder seeing the circumstances of the news. Boa Esporte the Brazilian second division announced the signing of Bruno Fernandes who was goalkeeper of teams like Flamengo and came close to being World Cup with Brazil 2010. Something to regular here if it were not for the goalkeeper 32 years has been almost 7 years in prison and is on probation with a sentence of 22 years. The reason, could not be more frightening. He killed his girlfriend and gave allegedly feeding his dogs.

Despite the heinous crime, the player got probation for a loophole but still weighs the judgment on the, something his new team has not cared. Neither that nor lose up 5 sponsors since announcing the signing. In a posting on his Facebook, President el del Boa Esporte, Rone Moraes da Costa, He said his club does not commit any crime by signing the player who was once one of the favorite to integrate national team.

“The Boa Esporte Clube was not responsible for releasing and freeing the Bruno”, said Da Costa, adding that the club “It is giving work to those who seek to recover”. Bruno “He deserves another chance as a professional”, the team said in a separate publication. “The club has no relation to the personal actions of Bruno, nor with its past, having hired only professional” also said the leader. Fans and various associations of the city seem to be at all agree with him.

In 2010 He was arrested and convicted for kidnapping, torturing and murdering his former girlfriend, church Zamudio. The body never appeared, but the goalkeeper cousin testified that he had helped dismember your body to give it as food to the dogs. Like that and everything, the goalkeeper got probation and will play professional football. We'll see how they receive.

The goalkeeper escorted by police after being arrested for the murder of his ex-girlfriend.


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