Five of the best center in the league history

Five of the best center in the league history

In the world of football usually hogging the covers are the ones who score goals. Because, many times, especially for the amateur general, It passes very unnoticed the work of the key defensive players for a team to achieve its objective. In this line we remember today five of the best central defenders in the history of the League.

  1. Fernando Hierro. Although he began playing in more advanced positions and even in the selection played in the center of the field. He scored despite being defense, more of 100 more goals 400 League matches with Real Valladolid and Real Madrid especially where he spent much of his career.
  2. Ronald Koeman. During the 90 hasp was one of the best Barcelona in history, the “Dream Team” Cruyff. Many will criticize his lack of speed but did not need ever to become one of the best center in the Spanish League. He was also the author of the goal that gave Barcelona their first European Cup top scorer and defender of history with 193 goals.
  3. Carles Puyol. Another landmark of the Barcelona that marked an era not only in the center of defense FC Barcelona but the Spanish team with which he won everything. Strong, overwhelming, with great colocación..Puyol can be one of the top ten plants in history.
  4. Roberto Fabian Ayala. Argentina became a legend of Valencia. Linchpin of that Valencia won two league between 2002 Y 2004, He proved to be one of the best plants that have gone through the Spanish championship.
  5. Sergio Ballesteros. Needless to play in the big league to prove that you can be very good at what you do. Reviled by many and loved by so many, Ballesteros Levante left to play teams like Tenerife, Thunderbolt, Villarreal and Mallorca from where he returned to the Levant in 2008 to be captain. Epic race to beat Cristiano Ronaldo in a match Levante beat Real Madrid.

So far the list of five of the best defenses in the history of the Spanish League not the top five in the league. Back with part two and even with a three one four.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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