Christian sees the light: “You may have been behind Messi for my image”

Last update 16 November, 2012 por Alberto Llopis

In an interview with CNN, Cristiano Ronaldo, He has admitted that possibly arrogant and overbearing image many people have of him, he has harmed when competing for the Golden Ball award and the award for best player of the planet with the player of the Barcelona, el argentino Leo Messi.

"I can not be sure of the 100% because I do not know but I think sometimes give a bad image or see me as an arrogant because I'm too serious in the field ", Portuguese explained during an interview with CNN.

"I learn from my mistakes, eso es la vida. Sometimes I am a victim because they do not know the true Christian ", adds the Portuguese. "If you really from recognizing, if they were my friends, if you let them enter my house and share a day with me, As they would hate to lose. But that's part of life. And that's how I am", explains the Portuguese striker.

Christian tries to fend off those who consider him "arrogant". "I am a competitive man, I do not like lose. People interpret it differently, what bothers me because I do not like to see me like this ", He said the footballer of the Madrid, which it is in a struggle for the Golden Ball Leo Messi with Argentina, among others. "I wish I could talk to those who think I'm arrogant and show them as the true Christian. I think they need ", He argued the Portuguese star.

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