April 10, 2021
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    How long has Spain called the red team?

    How long has Chile called your team red?

    *the phrase lacking identity, refers to the fact that they took as their own a name that does not belong to them (they must learn to read between the lines and not be so literal)

    regards! (:

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      fucking master *

      envy that you have that Chile does not win anything while Spain is the current champion. We deserve the name of the red one more than you

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        @puto master.. Well we haven't won anything like you say, but yesterday afternoon we had the luxury of giving them a ballroom dance, leaving them on the ground, more humiliated than before and eliminated in the group stage with 7 goals against and one in favor with 1 doubtful criminal (I just hope that Australia does not put more) because they would go on to make history not for World Cups but rather for being the current champion eliminated in the first phase and with more goals against in the history of football. A nice, that is so that they know that in South America soccer is played with passion and not with a repeated and hackneyed archi scheme. regards


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