Delle Alli's harsh confessions in her interview with Gary Neville

Las duras confesiones de Delle Alli en su entrevista con Gary Neville
Delle Alli opened up to Gary Neville about a very tough childhood. FOTO: @WeAreTheOverlap

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Of the Allies He has been through very hard times lately., leaving behind the brilliance that once made it one of the most progressive jewels of the Tottenham Hotspur. Above all, since january 2022, where his career seems to have gone downhill and without brakes. After leaving the London team, signed for Everton, but he was loaned to Besiktas of the Turkish league, where he also failed to stand out. An injury cut short his career and in April he returned to Everton in search of a new start..

In a candid interview with Gary Neville en ‘The Overlap‘, Dele Alli you have decided to share the problems you have recently struggled with, and opening his heart, has spoken about a childhood full of difficulties, including drug abuse and sexual abuse experiences.

The brave story of Dele Alli: Overcoming adversity and looking for his way back

The player confessed that he used to drink and take sleeping pills, but one day he realized that he was not following the right path and decided to seek help in a rehabilitation center. His testimony is heartbreaking., and reveals the efforts you are making to get back to the person you were.

“I'm afraid to talk about it. When I came back from Türkiye and found out that I needed an operation, my mental health was very affected, so i decided to go to a rehab center for mental health. There they treat addictions and traumas. I felt that it was my moment. they can't tell you to go, you have to figure it out for yourself and make that decision, the will not work”, Dele Alli confessed to Gary Neville.

During the Interview, the Everton player opened his heart and shared painful episodes from his childhood:

“At six years old, a friend of my mother sexually abused me. This person used to spend a lot of time at our house.. My mother was an alcoholic. at seven years, i started smoking; at eight o'clock, I started dealing drugs. An adult told me that no one would suspect a child on a bicycle., so i had drugs hidden under my football. at eleven years old, someone tried to hang me from a bridge. He was a man from the neighborhood”, Alli recounted.

“At twelve years old, I was adopted by an amazing family. I couldn't have asked for better people to do what they did for me.. If there is someone that God created, are they”, added in the interview with Gary Neville en ‘The Overlap‘.

He thought about hanging up his boots

To his 27 años, Of the Allies He came to think about leaving professional football. “One morning I woke up and I knew I had to go train. I looked in the mirror and questioned myself if I could retire now, con tan solo 24 años. I was doing what I love, but I felt a deep inner tear. I've always been my own rival in everything”, he said. And he continued to open his heart: “I was trapped in a negative cycle and in situations that were hurting me”.

Dele Alli's story is a reminder that behind fame and success are real human beings., with their own internal battles and personal challenges. Her courage in sharing her most intimate and vulnerable thoughts shows a deep determination to face obstacles and overcome difficulties..

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