Should FIFA to disqualify Algeria next World Brazil?

Should FIFA to disqualify Algeria next World Brazil?

It is on everyone's lips in recent days news that seems rather more than other times of the current, and in the XXI century. It is possible that could result in disqualification selection of Algeria and to prevent play the next World Cup in Brazil 2014. ¿El motivo? FIFA has since been investigating the man who gave the classification to the Algerian team, el central Madjid Bougherra, He was suspended for card accumulation and should not have played the second leg of the tie against Burkina Faso.

Algeria won the Burkinabe combined by 1-0 rinsing income against (3-2) He is bringing the first leg of certifying a new pass mundialista for his passionate hobby revelry. However, he did a somewhat dark and controversial as they are many voices pointing (and they have subsequently confirmed the data of the international governing body) Bougherra who already had two yellow along the classification (Mali and Burkina Faso itself) and therefore she should not have competed. La FIFA, de momento, It has adopted the easiest decision rejecting a first Burkinabe petition that the elimination of Algeria demanded and pass to the World Cup in place. Pero, What I should have done, Algeria disqualify administrative fraud, giving sorting Burkina Faso or repeat the meeting?

Algeria beat Burkina Faso 1-0 with a goal from a man who had to play.
Algeria beat Burkina Faso 1-0 with a goal from a man who had to play.

It seems logical that Burkina Faso should have taken place if there really was federative Algerians error. Pero, Is it mismanagement of some administrative and management that a group of players left out of the World? It gives me no, in the same way, it gives me it is unfair that Burkina is eliminated by a man who should not appear on the lawn. What to do, well?

thorny issue, FIFA could take points to Algeria for the next classification of the World Cup in Russia, prevent even play the African Nations Cup and punish financially forcefully. However, Burkina Faso with little to do, than give way to Brazil, something that today seems crazy…Is repeating the party? One possibility that I fear does not consider the FIFA.

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