Eldense coach arrested for alleged rigging of 12-0 against Barca B

Eldense coach arrested for alleged rigging of 12-0 against Barca B
Filippo Di Pierro trainer without the license Eldense, He was arrested by police for alleged match-fixing against Barcelona B. Photo: Marca.com

The theme of the Eldense has not been in air. After the shameful 12-0 suffered against Barcelona B in the corresponding party group 3 Second B and it meant the mathematical decline in Elda team failing 6 games to finish the regular season, the management board of the club notifying the termination of contract with the Italian group that had taken over the club and the suspension of sports activity equipment such precautionary. But there was a huge reason and it seems that this defeat is nothing more amateurish that match-fixing in the history of football since they not try very hard to hide it.

The National Police arrested at dawn to coach in the shade, and exerted a material charge license while a skill 3, Fran Ruiz, he put the card, and Italian Filippo Vito Pierro. He had taken charge of the team in January when an Italian business group took over the club decided to put it to the front of the team even though he lacked the qualifications needed to train a national team category in Spain, which it is a true reflection of the seriousness of this group. Police also arrested the head of the group.

The arrest came following a complaint from the chairman of the management board, David Aguilar, who he was advised by the League. both detainees, those who are accused of corruption among individuals, They declared at the police station Elda (Alicante).

“Some of the players who just crying the party is involved in betting, Yeah”, said Emmanuel Mendy, one of the Eldense players who refused to play against Barca B in the match that ended 12-0, Speaking to 'The Larguero’ Cadena SER.

Thus they ended the Eldense some players after the 12-0. Photo: youtube

Mendy and his partner Cheikh, He decided to tell what happened. “Yet this topic, Busting one and I decide to say what happens here and that everyone assumes the consequences. Before the party at the hotel called me Fran Ruiz, the second coach, and he told me to talk to me, if it was inside and how much he loved. That if it was not within, He did not play the game”, explained.

“I was told to 5-0 he left to warm, people in the band were telling us' sold’ we were very bad and I was not going to happen that shame. Cheikh told I was going to the bench shame was worse than had happened in my life. Those who were in the garlic to continue there. I told the coach he did not think playing”, he said with complete roundness.

Fran Ruiz, official coach who exercised in the absence of Di Pierro license confirmed the embarrassing situation. “In principle, were orders from above, of the coach. It was that 'this game is for judgment'. Just I talk about what I was told to convey to Mendy”, he accepted the question being whether Mendy offered to participate in the plot by the Italian Filippo Vito di Pierro.

“Mendy and I are very good friends, I would convey the fact that I know will say no. Reported it and I tell him 'I do not enter'. I did not say a word on the bench, I made no changes or sent anyone to heat. And I presented my resignation”, Ruiz argued as exculpatory argument.

Sheikh Saad, It was the one who uncovered the pie and it has not been silent not a. He detailed the amount receivable by players. “To me they told me about 30.000 euros. They laughed in our face, it is clear that the game was sold”, wakefulness. “I told the coach if you put me with the party sellers, I'll break your face” he said emphatically on the situation.

“When I heard that the party was sold and sent me warm I thought… What you send to Mendy face to warm up after telling him to stop losing? My blood boil!, There are four players involved in buying games. I is equal what might happen, but when I can give you the names of these players. I was about to come to blows with them”, Player denounced the Eldense. With all this sad situation always lose, fans who see their club 96 years in jeopardy because of some unpresentable. We will see that is.

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