Ecuador, face the greatest challenge in its history

Ecuador, ante el mayor desafío de su historia

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Drawn in Group E alongside the emerging Switzerland and France always respected appears Ecuador. The Tricolor go to Brazil to play his third World Cup and he does with his feet on the ground but knowing that it is possible to emulate the role of Germany 2006, When they reached the second round. Because if, France is superior on paper, but in the last year and a half or so they were Portugal and Uruguay both fell. The same could be said of Argentina, unable to win in a competitive match in Quito.

Ecuador is a stronger selection of what may seem. With physical and fast men who can play against, but they have a plan B at the touch and possession. The “Tri” Enjoy with the ball and especially, with a powerful and strong front will be a headache for anyone. Sadly already died “Mutt” Benitez, nevertheless remains, Ecuador having the best in his line of attack: Valencia and Caicedo are two pillars that already wanted for example, have France.

Good news for the attack and consistent means of the field but suffering away from home. It is the most serious problem of Tri. Ecuador did not win an official match away throughout qualifying and there are many who think outside the altitude of Quito, group suffers Reinaldo Rueda.

The South Americans have decided to strongly prepare for Brazil. Inglaterra, Holland and Mexico will be among the rivals to put the machinery ready “Tri”. A World demands it, more when luck for Ecuadorians to have a more interesting batch of players willing to go further than ever.

Ecuador se clasificó invicta en casa.
Ecuador qualified unbeaten at home.


  • Front. Valencia and Caicedo are two players capable of solving a party. The last and it showed in its passage through the Spanish League, where he knew fend well only tip. This time, with reinforcing Valencia and Jefferson Montero, should forget the “Mutt” Benitez.
  • balanced team. Ecuador can play the ball, master but also to counterattack, play a physical game. The “Tricolor” can adapt to the circumstances that are required.
  • El grupo E. Switzerland and France are superior on paper but whippable. Honduras must be the fourth in the running of a group which could well be seconds, without being considered a surprise.

Weak points:

  • defensive problems. Defense and avoid tactical issues we talk about a selection willing to fight for everything. Ecuador is weak defending and especially, in zonal marking. This should be exploited by rivals.
  • Lack of talent in certain areas, especially in the creation. Possibly, The midfielder is the line where Ecuador suffers more. It lacks a pure organizer that mark the differences.




Reinaldo Rueda asumirá su primer Mundial con Ecuador.
Reinaldo Rueda take their first World Cup with Ecuador.

Reinaldo Rueda will be the third man charged with directing the destinies of Ecuador in a World Cup. Colombian from 56 years experience in the position of coach of Colombia, the hype wanted that faces Honduras, their former country and which led them to 2010, when she signed by “Tri”.

Wheel is a touch football lover, pero esta vez, also known in Ecuador must impose his strong character and his feisty temperament. Reinaldo never sees nothing impossible and perhaps that, is the great virtue that makes their team strong.



– 2 World shares (eighth in 2006)

– 2 fourth times in the Copa America.

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