Corinthians wins the FIFA Club World Cup to Chelsea

Corinthians wins the FIFA Club World Cup to Chelsea

The South American champion once again surprised the European champion in a Club World Cup final. Thanks to the good tactical approach and the commitment to the team in an open match, full of intensity and inaccuracies, who always walked the path that best suited the interests of the Brazilian team. With a football back and forth, strong rhythm and chances in the goals of Cassio and Cech. De Cahill, Moses, Hazard, an unfortunate Torres and Mata for the blues and Emerson's, Jorge Henrique, Paulinho and Guerrero for the set of Tite.

Chelsea were always uncomfortable in the final, due to his excessively vertical game and his obvious problems in the exit of the ball. By merit of his rival, that annulled the best Chelsea footballers and because of Benítez's own bet on playing with Lampard and Ramires, they barely found Mata or Hazard, who make a difference in the definition zone. Conversely, Corinthians proved to have very clear ideas and well-thought-out tactics. And he made up for his karat deficit with constant pressure and aggressiveness.

After the break, and while Benítez did not seem to find the solution to the problems of his team on the bench, Corinthians seized the ball and control of the game. Chelsea's best men were still missing, despite some faint glimpses from Mata and Hazard's good scoring chance, disrupted by Cassio within eight minutes of the restart

The peruvian battering ram, very active throughout the final, He ended up giving the final blow to the game, after finishing headlong a rejection after a good collective action by Corinthians led by Paulinho, the great talent of the Brazilian team, and prolonged by Danilo. A goal that knocked out Chelsea, who suddenly seemed to regain consciousness of his bad mood and sports this season, in which he has already been eliminated from the Champions League and is thirteen points behind Manchester United in the Premier League.

Not even the late bet to have more ball and inner game, with Oscar's input instead of Moses, nor the change of Azpilicueta's stickers for Ivanovic, they worked for Benítez. In large part due to the lack of calm and self-confidence of his men after taking the first setback. Chelsea wasted the last minutes between haste and frustration, reason why Cahill was sent off in the minute 89 by direct red and Torres ruined the tie in a shot more difficult to fail than to send to the network. More problems for a Rafa Benítez who has been criticized since his landing at Stamford Bridge.

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