Five reasons why it is better than Tigres Monterrey and vice versa, who is better?

Five reasons why it is better than Tigres Monterrey and vice versa, who is better?
Five reasons why it is better than Tigres Monterrey and vice versa

The Regiomontano Classic is one of the greatest rivalries in the world. Tigres and Monterrey They usually compete to see who the best team in the important Mexican city is season after season. One for fans, for followers of other, in Colgados for football we give five reasons to be one or the other and for those who do not ye to decantaros by one team or another:

Reasons for Tiger:

1- For the fans: because it is the best, the most spirited, the loudest, en definitiva, Incomparable. Able to put 25.000 Stage employed persons, none is like it, not even Striped.

2- Because it is easy to be the Monterrey, but Tiger. Because being Incomparable has more value, It is to be braver and more enjoyable. And because above does best game.

3- Because it is the friendliest club, not only in Mexico, but all over the world. Say you're Tiger, ie you're a nice squad, passionate, enjoying a passion: football.

4- Because Tigres is the village team, which it does not belong to the affluent areas. That is to say, that of most people, which truly represents the largest social class city.

5- Because Tigers have a North American SuperLiga, Monterrey thing you'll ever have.

Five reasons why it is better than Tigres Monterrey and vice versa
Tiger Stadium is larger than that of Monterrey, de momento.

Reasons for Monterrey:

1- For the fans: because if we say that Tiger is good and can do “feline invasions”, the Striped able to cram 20.000 spectators in training to encourage players.

2- palmares: 4 Suspenders, 1 Mexico Cup and 3 CONCACAF Champions League that have served among other things to be the third best team in the world in a Mundialito Club. Tigers, or dream it is, nor will it be.

3- By history, for international recognition and great ambassador for the city. Because if one abroad or Europe says Monterrey is a city represents. Because if he says he is Tiger, It seems to be representing some animals.

4- Because he has won more classics Tigers: 40 by 36 in the 107 parties that have seen the faces, either officially or friendly.

5- Because it is older and before they were born tigers, they were already scratched. And also, They have the prettiest girls, as can be seen.

Either way, Congratulations to both to constitute one of the most beautiful rivalries in the world.

Julio Muñoz

Journalist, specialist in international football and retro. I write in and you can follow me at @ juliomv1982


10 thoughts on “Five reasons why it is better than Tigres Monterrey and vice versa, who is better?

  1. The fans of Tigres is no better than Rayados, one thing is to call much attention to want to do their “invasions”. Some hundreds of Rayados fans flock to other stages of Mexico, and when they go thousands do not so public, such as in 3 Club World Cup editions of which were thousands of fans to the old continent to support striped, it has much more merit to go to South America for the cost is twice and time.

  2. Congratulations to Julio who wrote this article, I am very journalists who like world football, but clearly he does not live in the city of Monterrey. Clarifying points Tigers, there's a lot behind that team, a team that is in favor of it a television and radio, that helps a lot to get people to buy that smoke. Because that's Tigers, sells a lot of smoke and hobby buys everything.

    1. Tigers filled a stadium tour, only when the team was doing well, just came out champion, now only travel ultras, loyal supporters.

    2.This point is true, the fans of Tigres suffers more, making it a kid for example, lean team Monterrey.

    3.When all goes well everything is nice, but barely reaches the slump and the stadium is pure whistle, the leaders of the ultras forcing others to support and the atmosphere in the stadium is really hostile.

    4.In this city there is no difference between social classes, It is a city with a wide variety of social level. All are Tigers or all are from Monterrey. No more rich Tigers or no richest of Monterrey.

    5.American Super League, Tournament forgotten by all, not affiliated to FIFA. Not even with history, as a Teresa Herrera or Joan Gamper.

    1. I think you either live in Mexico. Vista's visit and travel 25 thousand a 500 km is not easy, Like nobody does in the world (contemplating figures) so you are champions of Europe and South America What can you deny? Playing with words not remove numbers, missing entries each 15 The College days, They are missing buses in the city as times went to Guadalajara, Azteca or San Luis. You also can not award a critical one moment, saying I imagine hostile mean what happened against Toluca, GOOD, no warrants but all they have done in all courts Mexico, That has to Monterrey and in more than one occasion this year. By the way, Multimedios no bearing on any subject having to do with Tigers, or do you mean the children's programs and monthly comic books?

      1. go to san luis is not a long trip 12-14 hrs, You can be reached by car, and that bring many people visiting many teams have cast, Monterrey took more than 15mil blue when he was a cashier's check in the year 2000 approx queretaro took more than 50 Aztec thousand, Newell took a trip to 40mil liberators makes me laugh lol your post. Tiger is just fashion.

      2. Oye,mira,no one,NEVER,It has been tipped with Mty,it's true (tal vez,It is that I'm too lazy to investigate XD)He is winning classic,but Mty has beaten Tigers with a maximum of 4-1, but TIGERS has beaten Mty with a maximum of 6-3. Juan cakes!

    2. I forgot to say ke Tigers took over 7 years in lower, fighting the decenso, Bringing coaches and players that only came to steal an example is… Tolo Gallego, Pekerman. carrillo. the bridge, joseluis Trejo, daniel guzman players… the same fonzeka, Ariel Bogado, omar Bravo, zarate, Chamagol and many more and people kept filling the stadium kada 15 days and if tigers continued to support not miss invasions is xke complikan them a lot of things managers of klaro ekipos example of Amerika, aki a child does not broil or scratched tiger aki already born so depending kien you go your dad or mom or family… at all stages of the world is whistles and boos kuando things do not go

  3. Tigres is the village team accompanies its people everywhere Monterrey no heart just speaks to you that have more stars

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