Hara-kiri Mexican

Hara-kiri Mexican

An old Mexican saying goes: "Watching the storm and not kneel" ... phrase that could be applied perfectly to the Aztec football managers, who recently gave another blow over ignorance and financial greed.

And is that from the "newborn" tournament Opening 2016 (one of the two short events that make up the Balompédica year in Mexico 1996), Clubs may hire, if they wish, any number of foreign and naturalized, as long as wishlist 18 elements for each party are registered eight have been registered in the national football before 18 years and credited at the time the Mexican nationality.

Rule 10-8 the MX League, harmful to Mexican soccer.
Rule 10-8 the MX League, harmful to Mexican soccer.

It's called "08/10 Rule", hara-kiri perfect very Mexican which continues to disadvantage players born on this soil, which they are increasingly less open doors through which they can sneak to demonstrate their talent and ability. Instead, They continue giving opportunities to foreign frankly mediocre,

What is the purpose of this imbecile rule? Simply Business. Interest money, because in contractual transactions, in an environment where it has been documented that many national clubs act by signing contracts double his players, They deny benefits, "Launder" illegal money and evade taxes- not unreasonable to think that unrealistic amounts move in operations contracted winning player, his attorney, the management team and to the coach who align.

Ten of the 18 teams have a foreign goalkeeper ... On other computers, Archers holders and they exceed thirty: Moises Munoz in America, Cruz Azul Jesús Corona, Alfredo Talavera (strengthening the Olympic team failed in Rio de Janeiro 2016), and the "grandfather of the frames", Oscar Pérez, with 44 years. What will happen in this position in five years? Will there be enough material and quality to meet the domestic arc in the World Qatar 2022?

Oscar & quot; Rabbit" Perez remains active with 44 years.
Oscar “Rabbit” Perez remains active with 44 years.

At least many of the foreign goalkeepers who have arrived recently are high quality, as Argentine Agustin Marchesin, Cristian Campestrini or Brazilian Thiago Volpi, and could leave a "school" young goalkeepers in national training, as it happened in the years 70 José Miguel Marín or Héctor Zelada, but I still consider high-risk not give out local promises.

Three recent examples illustrate clear and mediocrity and even lack of professionalism of some of the foreign players who stay in our country: Rubens Sambueza, downright irregular Argentine who wandered for years in the Pumas UNAM and Estudiantes Tecos, before arriving -in an unthinkable operation- one of the "big" country: the Eagles of America. With the full support of the directive (on the other hand ignored and discarded his young quarry), he has created very way the image of "new idol" club and "referent", Sambueza "nothing to muertito" doing the bare minimum, sometimes even that- to maintain their comfortable status.

Rubens Sambueza's shirt America.
Rubens Sambueza's shirt America.

In the four days disputed so far in this competition, and despite being (theoretically) the "brain" of the capital's box, He has not scored, He has not served a single pass to goal (America has nine targets achieved), It has released only four shots at enemy's gate (that is to say, One average per game!), and conversely, carries two warning cards (and two similar: in foolish actions, half court, and the first 25 minutes of play). As you can see, their actual contribution, based on numbers, It is frankly very poor. And so it has been for years, but nevertheless it is still considered the best footballer of America and one of the brightest in the country.

One more: Chile's Fernando Meneses, Veracruz, like many foreigners came eager in his first appearances and over time (Today dispute his fourth tournament in Aztec lands), seeing the little demand there to the players came out and the limited capacity of existing analysis largely hobby, the press and directives, They dedicated to vegetate and to collect their hefty salaries. Saturday 6, in the match against America, He entered the minute 56 to the court, with the score tied at 2 and with both teams 10 elements on the court. Sixty seconds later, in an irresponsible move, He was sent off for two "iron" to a rival in a mindless action in midfield. after a while, the Eagles took advantage of the superiority and They ended up winning 4-2 to Veracruz .

One more: Juan Ezequiel Cuevas, an Argentine "forward" who wandered 5 teams (Toluca, saint Louis, Atlas, U.A. G. and Leon) and two divisions of Mexico from 2010, and nonconforming with having frankly mediocre numbers, yet it is given the luxury to affect your club, as we recently did in the day 1 tournament: in midfield, He zancadilleó a rival player, but the referee applied the "advantage rule" and let it run action, He meriting a yellow card. Taking the ball the other hand, Cuevas faces again and again commits a hard foul, plus, his enemy falling kicks the ball body, and when he gets up to face him, the flamboyant South American reinforcement applies a header in front, automatically earning expulsion. That is to say, the guy was crying his departure from the court, and that he had One minute it!, and that his team was losing 2-1 as a visitor. Final score: Pachuca Leon-5-one.

Juan Ezequiel Cuevas's shirt Toluca.
Juan Ezequiel Cuevas's shirt Toluca.

Cases like these three who have reviewed, abound in our Aztec football: conformist players, mediocre, fainthearted, they know what little quality offered upon arrival to these lands, gives them to continue maintaining ownership and a good contract. Nobody calls them, all applaud them and even idolized by little to do, no personal statistical weighing against him. Mexico is the absolute paradise, where they can vegetate and collect jugosísimos wages could only be perceived in Europe ... but with far greater demand and obligation to their clubs.

No, there is no limit on foreign players ", said the president of the Liga MX, Enrique Bonilla, that 24 of recent May when the “10-8 Rule” was announced as the panacea for our football. There is also no limit to the stupidity and greed, I think…

Javiera. Gordillo Pérez

voracious reader, passionate writer, and hungry follower good game of football at any latitude and time. Romantic heart and ball, proudly Mexican and hanged for football.


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