first and second day of times Liga

first and second day of times Liga

The BBVA League already has the schedules for the first and second days of the League that will be played on 17, 18 y 19 August and 24, 25 y 26 of August. Again, as happened last year, in a display of intelligence, matches are set at 23:00 hours and on Monday (specifically three).

For reasons of heat there will not be any match played before 19:00 hours and the open game is still an odyssey. It is celebrated on Monday as well as on Friday.. In short, a mess for the spectator who little by little finds himself in a dead end with crazy schedules that definitely constitute a bet to kill football..

Totally the opposite of what exists in the Premier or the Bundesliga where the schedules are pre-established in advance, making it easier for the fan to go to the game while combining it with their work or family life.. In Spain, Nothing is further from reality. Every day, a world. If you work, if you have family, that's your problem. First the TVs, then the follower. Of pity.

A banner that makes everything clear.
A banner that makes everything clear.

First day schedules:

Real Sociedad-Getafe (Saturday 17 of August 19:00 hours)

Valladolid-Athletic (Saturday 21:00 hours)

Valencia-Malaga (Saturday 23:00 hours)

Barcelona-Levante (domingo 18 of August 19:00 hours)

Real Madrid-Betis (domingo 21:00 hours)

Osasuna-Granada (domingo 21:00 hours)

Sevilla-Atletico (domingo 23:00 hours)

Rayo-Elche (Monday 19 of August 20:00 hours)

Celta-Espanyol (Monday 22:00 open hours)

Almería-Villarreal (Monday 22:00 hours)


Second day schedules:

Getafe-Almería (Friday 23 of August 20:00 hours)

Athletic-Health (Friday 22:00 open hours)

Elche-Real Sociedad (Saturday 19:00 hours)

Spanish-Valencia (Saturday 21:00 hours)

Villarreal-Valladolid (Saturday 23:00 hours)

Atlético-Rayo (domingo 19:00 hours)

Malaga-Barcelona (domingo 21:00 hours)

Levante-Seville (domingo 21:00 hours)

Betis-Celta (domingo 23:00 hours)

Granada-Real Madrid (Monday 21:00 hours)

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