Couples in Qatar siblings 2022

Las parejas en hermanos de Qatar 2022
The Hernandez brothers, one of the pairs of brothers in Qatar 2022. PHOTO:

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There are authentic footballer families what happens from parents to children and even grandparents. There are also well-known pairs of brothers in the history of football. Coming to the present, in it Qatar World Cup 2022 there are many that we can find. They all have ties to Spain since 4 of them were born in the country and the others 2 they practically grew up on it. Let's go over them.

The brothers in Qatar 2022

Theo and Lucas Hernandez

His father, Jean Francois, He was a French footballer from Compostela, Rayo Vallecano and Atlético de Madrid. Their children Theo y Lucas They were born in Marseille when their father was a member of the team of that city. However, both grew up in Madrid where they were formed in the youth system of Atlético de Madrid. International the 2 con Francia, your country of birth and family origin, Lucas already has 2 World Cups and was champion in Russia 2018 while Theo disputes his first in Qatar 2022.

It so happened that in France's first game in Qatar against Australia, Lucas was seriously injured and went replaced precisely by his brother Theo in one of the curiosities of the World Cup .

Nico and Inaki Williams

The Athletic Bilbao players will be the only pair of Qatari brothers 2022 who will play in different teams. Iñaki was born in Bilbao and was a fixture in the sub team 21 Spanish for a long time and even made his debut with the Spanish team in a friendly match. But given the lack of opportunities in the Spanish first team and taking advantage of the FIFA rules where friendly matches do not count, decided a little before the World Cup 2022 take refuge in ghana, his father's country to play the World Cup in Qatar with the African team.

Otherwise that of his brother Nico, born in Pamplona, who debuted in a brilliant way in Athletic and with a meteoric career he has managed to establish himself in the Spanish team in a very short time and debut in a World Cup as a player for the absolute Spanish team.

otros españoles en Qatar 2022
The Williams brothers will play in Qatar 2022. One with your country of birth (Nico) and the other with his father's country (Iñaki). PHOTO: @ williaaaams11

Sergej and Vanja Milinkovic-Savic

These absolute internationals for Serbia were born in Spain and like Iñaki Williams, are part of the 7 born on Spanish soil who play this World Cup in another country. Sergej was born in Lleida and Vanja in Ourense, but this was accidental. simply because his father, Nikola, at that time he played in the teams of those cities in the Spanish Second Division. Either way, los Mikinkovic-Savic is another of the pairs of siblings from the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

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