José María Gutiérrez “little”, possibly the most technical player who has given Spain

José María Gutiérrez “Guti”, posiblemente el jugador más técnico que ha dado España

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I must confess that the writer he started hating him and ended up worshiping Him. Strange feeling that cause many people. In his left leg had more quality than 90% of players who have stepped on a field. In your head, a complex world that made him watch passes there where nobody saw only grass or not perform at their best when the opportunity to give the required 100%. A) Yes, Genio until his retirement was our hero today: José María Gutiérrez “little”, he 14.

Mediocentro front reconverted. Adapted playmaker organizer. It would be difficult to say which was the position in which this artist yielded better ball, symbol for more than 15 years of Real Madrid. And is that if anything explains the sporting life is his love Guti Madrid. Born in 1976 Torrejon de Ardoz, his career is linked to white box, where he came in with just nine years and left compliments and 34. 25 years between lower grades and first team in what was the best and worst of a singular character that many felt he could do more than they actually did.

Not that did little. Five or three Champions Leagues are not enough for almost any player, if you also take into account that accompanies this with 542 Table games Chamartin 77 career goals. The problem is that part of it was more. There were celebrations, continuous outbursts in press conferences (“whoever does not believe me go to the field to pick poppies” o “I not see with 60 years in a nightclub but now”), indiscipline and sometimes even lack of professionalism.

Durante su estancia en Turquía, la noche confundió al bueno de Guti.
During his stay in Turkey, night mistook the good Guti.

They say the perfect footballer would be a mixture of the seriousness of Raul and Guti's talent. With that last, definitely, should stay. Never on a field was a guy in open position to score give a backheel to finish off the disadvantage partner is pretending to have eyes in the back. He was never overcome a row of rivals through a backheel in depth, let alone get a goal from Chilean outside the area, always at top level teams.

He was not seen, except, I did that and much more. He haggled, he had shot, sometimes even character, but he lacked something basic: get to the hobby through work. That perhaps was the great sin that caused him to never play the finals with your selection (with which he played only 13 matches and scored three goals) and never be a permanent fixture.

Not all players have to be equal. He showed that it was not, He is earning him to go down in history. A history, and also willy-nilly,( by admirers or detractors) to football. And it is that after all, geniuses are crazy. And the 14, was one of them. Holy madness.

Its peculiar character made him go on television and when exercised jury in a program where famosillos jumping off a diving board and participate in footballing gatherings with pink touch program. It is also an active twittero. And that Guti leaves no one indifferent as he did on the green, its natural habitat.

Guti ejerció como jurado en un programa de televisión. En imagen junto a Santiago Segura.
Guti served as a juror in a television program. In image next to Santiago Segura.

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