Meet the Nike Training Club and trains as Ronaldo

Conoce la Nike Training Club y entrena como Ronaldo
Train like the best with the Nike Training Club. PHOTO:

Last update 14 August, 2020 by Alberto Llopis

Some sports, by simple they seem, not usually practiced in the right way. Of course, We not all have the purchasing power to hire a personal trainer, therefore we usually launch into the adventure alone. This causes, many times, we do not get the results we expect for the practicing; or in the worst case, cause us muscle injuries.

Given these barriers, Nike Training App (NTC) puts at our disposal an extensive list of specialists who will teach us how to perform a routine correctly and also monitor it.

The application introduced himself Cristiano Ronaldo a couple of seasons. The official app of the Nike brand is designed for Android and iOS systems and works like having a personal trainer, but digital.

The NTC has more than 150 free training, a variety of challenges for the whole body, from strength and endurance exercises to yoga mobility. The US multinational has said that the help of coaches allow you to customize the exercise both for those who have spent years training to beginners in this world.

Another advantage of the app is its synchronization with Google Fit. The more we train with NTC, They are more customized recommendations. Before each routine, we can choose a specialized program as a guide and adjust it to our progress and schedule.

Among the routines offered by the NTC, we focus on those parts as abdominal, arms and shoulders, buttocks and legs. It also integrates boxing workouts, yoga, force, strength and mobility. These last between 15 y 45 minutes have levels for beginners, intermediate and advanced. We also have the ability to change the intensity, from half, moderate and high.

With the app we can record information on all kinds of physical activity that we do, such as basketball or spinning. Thus, we can make a more accurate tracking of what we do. These are activities that can burn many calories, so we can set a goal to lose weight with the app and check our progress with a smart scale. So that, in an hour of basketball they can reach a burn 900 calories, while spinning between 600 y 800 calories. Spinning bikes allow a more intense training than other physical activities and the calorie burn is greater.. Las spinning bikes allow a more intense workout other physical activity and calorie burning is greater.

Besides, We can also train alone with body weight and with light and complete equipment. The NTC offers options based on time or repetitions, so we have the possibility to choose the one that best fits our needs. Por si esto fuera poco, We have access to training routines outstanding athletes, as well as famous actors and singers. Here we find Cristiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams, Rory Mcilroy, among others. We also have the actor Kevin Hart and Ellie Goulding singer, por mencionar algunos.

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