The best bets of the weekend

Las mejores apuestas del fin de semana
Ballesteros struggling with Cristiano Ronaldo in the Levante-Real Madrid 2012-13. FOTO: BRAND

Last update 4 October, 2013 por Alberto Llopis

In Colgados for football we want to guide many of our readers who make bets. For it, We analyze which we consider trial may be the best options to make money in the betting always involves risk. They are the five best bets for the weekend:

1- Ado den Haag- SC Here Veen: Eredivisie usually have goals and if the Heerenveen in between. The bookmaker Bwin offers 1,42 euros per euro bet if the two sets mark, something that seems feasible. Realmente, It is very tempting to bet on that line.

2- Levante-Real Madrid: White pays victory 1,34 euros per euro bet. Visit the Ciutat de Valencia is never easy and less for Madrid who can not afford to offend anyone in a field where only won once in the last four years and very controversial by. Aún así, con Cristiano y compañía, meringues should emerge victorious.

3- Borussia Mönchengladbach – Borussia Dortmund: thrilling duel between Borussias. The second comes with the moral by clouds apafter beating Marseille at home 3-0. But go to Mönchengladbach can be a problem having played midweek. Hence following Bwin we gather them to the 2.20 that it's win or draw Local.

4- Inter Milan-Roma: again in the big game of the day in Italy we go to the local draw or victory. It pays to 1,40 Bwin that option and San Siro never easy prey for anyone. Not for the leader, that at some point will have to score his first setback. Milan seems the right place.

5- Manchester City-Everton: the whole of Liverpool go to Manchester without having lost yet still the only unbeaten Premier. But it seems that the City has already encountered all I had to stumble. This week lost 1-3 against Bayern at home and now only worth will win. And it pays 1,62, very good deal to think about betting on this team “citizen”.

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