Newcastle United, the richest club in the world

Newcastle United, el club más rico del mundo
Newcastle fans welcome new Saudi owners (Sky Sports)

Last update 6 April, 2022 by Alberto Llopis

In the month of October 2021, he Newcastle United became the richest club in the world. A multimillion-dollar Saudi fund took control of the club to the delight of its fans, whose images celebrating said transaction went viral. The final purchase price was 300 million pounds (some 354 millions of euros).

But… Where does so much money come from? It looks like, The new owners have eleven times more capital than Sheikh Mansour, the owner of which, until now, It was the richest club in the world, he Manchester City.

The new owners arrived at Newcastle United with a very delicate sporting situation. The Magpies They occupied the red lantern of the Premier League and relegation was a real danger. However, with some additions in the winter market, the team managed to get out of the red zone to occupy a much calmer position in the middle of the table.

The future, for sure, It seems optimistic for the black and white fans. Seeing what has happened with teams like the Manchester City one he Paris Saint Germain, who dominate their leagues and fight to win the Champions League, he Newcastle could be one of the applicants in the future.

We will have to see how it works Financial Fair Play to control the cost of a team that, of course, may be one of the 'coconuts’ of European football in the short term.

Others, as Real Madrid, FC Barcelona o Bayern, that have dominated football until the arrival of these big funds to leagues like the Premier League, They will have to look for alternatives to generate income and be competitive against clubs with much more financial muscle..

The most powerful teams will always have a bit of an advantage to move and make better deals with other soccer businessmen.. It is not a surprise to anyone that, behind each game and each team, there are dealers renewing contracts to put together the best strategy with the best players.

This makes every season see "classic" games or clashes between legendary opponents that make the box office sell out.. This not only generates great fury in the fans, but it makes the demand to watch the matches live, from the stands, increase considerably.

Many times, fans do not have the financial resources to attend the games and experience their favorite matches live, Therefore, it has become common to resort to financing methods such as quick online loans that help them live the experience from the stands without breaking their budget.

With or without financing, the most experienced clubs and the best players are the ones who encourage their fans to keep track of the season without missing a single game, making sense of all the negotiations behind football.

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