Neymar wonder with a brace against Mexico

Neymar maravilla con un doblete ante México
Neymar wonder with a brace against Mexico

Last update 20 June, 2013 por Julio Muñoz

Neymar, with an amazing performance, today left Brazil almost qualified for the semifinals of the Confederations Cup (2-0) and Mexico in the abyss, eliminated if Italy scores today against Japan.
The 10’ from Brazil played his best game with the national team, scored the first goal, all genius, He gave Jô a perfect assist to round off the scoring in stoppage time and contributed decisively to improving his team's image and play, which is on the rise Mexico lacked the claw of the first match against Italy. Blurred and well marked by the hosts' competent midfield, could not surprise the counterattack either, which is usually always the best weapon of the tricolor.

In a game in which Javier 'Chicharito was barely seen’ Hernández, the Mexican team did not leave a good taste in the mouth and did not generate a feeling that it could achieve a tie.
Brasil, with two wins, adds six points and leads Group A, waiting for Italy-Japan, that could seal the qualification of the hosts to the semifinals and the elimination of Mexico, unless there is a Japanese victory.
In a hectic start to the game, Brazil imposed a suffocating pace of play, befitting the extreme heat and humidity of Fortaleza, and placed Mexico against the nets in the first fifteen minutes.
The host team left full of morale with the unconditional support of an enraged crowd, who sang the national anthem with such passion that it surely gave the players goosebumps.
Neymar himself declared before the game that he would play imbued with the anti-establishment spirit that has spread throughout Brazil in recent days and that has manifested itself in a wave of protests throughout the country.
The brand new signing of Barcelona did not disappoint his promise. He was the most active player on his team and star of the best chances, including the winning goal.
His partnership with Marcelo on the left wing worked perfectly and allowed him to overflow in speed and overcome the marking of winger Carlos Salcido on several occasions throughout the game..
The income from Neymar's work arrived, sin embargo, in a play down the right wing, in a center of Daniel Alves, that Francisco Rodríguez deflected with his head before the local star struck down the rival goal with a volley with his left foot.
In those frantic opening minutes, Alves had another great occasion, in a center-shot that goalkeeper José Corona cleared with a great stretch when it seemed that the destination of the ball was none other than the squad.
The English referee Howard Webb also annulled well, for offside, an oscar goal, that could have widened the hosts' advantage in their best minutes.
then Mexico, with an enormous work in the center of the field, with the collaboration of the most advanced defense, managed to balance the forces, contain the Brazilian attacks and scratch their first chances.
El Tri caused concern especially in plays by the band of Giovani dos Santos or Hiram Mier, but no center seemed able to find the head of Javier 'Chicharito’ Hernández.
After the break, Mexico wanted to be more offensive, but it provided spaces that allowed Neymar to create good chances on fast counterattacks, like a wall with hulk, what was wrong in the auction, or a cross shot from the '10 itself’ from Brazil.
José Manuel de la Torre's team was affected by errors in the passes and by the intense pressure exerted by Brazil in the center of the pitch, especially from the entrance of Hernanes, a change that solidified Canarinha's core.
Beyond a deflected shot by Salcido, Mexico did not create more danger in the second half, against a very comfortable Brazil with three midfielders, a tactical drawing with which, in the final minutes, he spent more time holding on than trying to extend his lead.
In discount Neymar rounded off the night sneaking into the small area with a slalom, to give a perfect attendance to Jô, who made the second and final.

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