Argentina Primera Division: Initial a very open tournament

Argentina Primera Division: Initial a very open tournament

The season 2013-14 Argentina starts in maintaining significant changes in the format of the First Division already introduced last year. The traditional division championship in two rounds (Opening and Closing) It was replaced by an Initial Tournament ( of the 2 August to 9 from December) and another Final (10 February to 23 of June), both a return to 19 matches, which they are completed by 20 competing teams.

The winner of each tournament will play the final on a neutral court three days after completing the final tournament. all, if it is different teams that succeed, because if the same set which will be awarded both championships, This Argentine champion automatically proclaimed.

The two finalists will qualify for the Copa Libertadores, which it will also add the highest scoring team in the sum of 38 journeys. The last two places for the most important South American competitions for clubs will be completed by the best Argentine in the South American Cup and Cup champion Argentina.

The lower part also undergoes significant retouches, well promotion is deleted automatically lowering the last three computers using the traditional system of averages. At the end of each season the three worst teams in the table coefficient of averages lose category, It is replaced with the first three of the overall tournament table second division. The ratio is obtained by dividing the points scored in the last three seasons by the number of games played in the same period.

The initial tournament is played in the second half of the year in Argentina.
The initial tournament is played in the second half of the year in Argentina.


There is a project called Argentina “football for all”, by which it is offered for free all matches in the first division Argentina. This is part after the AFA decided to break in 2009 He TSC its contract with Argentine clubs.

In this way it has gone from football offer through payment platforms, able to be freely. The objective is to promote the beautiful game and make it accessible to all layers of society.

At present, the division between the main equipment is determined by the visibility of the teams and television relevance. Boca Juniors and enters a 30.680.000 $ by season, San Lorenzo, Velez and Independiente takes 23.100.000 $ and the other teams on 16 millions of dollars.

For River Plate it is the most paradoxical of all. For the season 2011 He started with an income equivalent to Boca Juniors, but its descent to the First Division B was reduced benefits some 4 million dollars annually. With his return, to the top flight of Argentine football, it is waiting for a new renegotiation of its television rights.

Initial tournament it seems to be very open 2013.
Initial tournament it seems to be very open 2013.


Speaking analysis or favorites in league Argentina is little more than a lottery. Neither Boca Juniors and River Plate are the great masters of football albiceleste that one day they were. Velez must confirm that it remains a powerful team, but there are other more serious alternatives like San Lorenzo who has the signing of Uruguayan Martin Cauteruccio or Lanús with Santiago Silva at the front can give anyone a fright.

Of course, we must be attentive to what you do Newell's and without the Tata Martino. Regrettably, who will not be independent, first in history, far from the top flight of Argentine football.

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