The America's Cup, in the last 10 años: lots of parity and several different champions

La Copa América, en los últimos 10 años: mucha paridad y varios campeones diferentes
Argentina was proclaimed champion of the Copa América. FOTO: AS

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After the recent edition that was played a few days ago in Brazil, here we review the last 10 years of the America's Cup, taking into account that there was not a very marked hegemony of a selection in recent times. Asimismo, 4 different teams achieved the title between the 2011 y 2021: Uruguay, Chile, Brazil and Argentina. Por otra parte, we analyze all the champions and the evolution of the South American tournament throughout its history.

The title of Uruguay, en 2011

In the edit 2011 disputed in Argentina, Uruguay was very strong and got the title after doing a convincing job. The team led by Tabárez, semifinalist in the World Cup 2010, was able to consolidate a very important process with many figures and elite players. La Celeste eliminated Argentina as a visitor in the quarterfinals on penalties, Peru in the semifinals (2-0) and Paraguay in the final (3-0).

Chile and its historic two-time championship

Chile was able to break its curse and be crowned for the first time in its history, with a generation of gamers that ended a drought that seemed eternal. La Roja, commanded by Sampaoli, gave the blow and stayed with the title in the edition 2015, that took place in this same country. In the quarterfinals he eliminated Uruguay (1-0), in the semifinals to Peru (2-1) and in the final to Argentina on penalties. Then, already with Pizzi in the technical direction, returned to celebrate in the edition 2016 de Estados Unidos, beating Argentina again on penalties in the final. Antes, beat Mexico in the quarterfinals (7-0) and beat Colombia in the semifinals (2-0).

Brasil, champion in 2019

Brasil, the five-time world champion, He rebuilt himself footballingly after a series of very tough defeats (como el 1-7 against Germany in the semifinals of the World Cup 2014 and several early eliminations in the Copa América). With a very important task from your coach Tite, La Auriverde was able to obtain the title at home in the edition 2019, with a bold and colorful football. In the quarterfinals they beat Paraguay on penalties, Argentina in the semifinals (2-0) and in the final to Peru (3-1).

Argentina, champion in the Maracana

Argentina left behind a very negative streak of 28 years without titles, consecrating itself in the edition 2021 which was played again in Brazil. The combined Albiceleste, after losing the continental finals of 2015 y 2016, He had the luxury of winning the legendary Maracana against Brazil in the final (1-0). Previamente, eliminated Ecuador in the quarterfinals (3-0) and Colombia on penalties in the semifinals. A) Yes, Lionel Messi was champion for the first time with his national team, after various frustrations and disappointments.

All the champions and the evolution of the tournament

The Copa América has been over 100 years of its creation and is one of the oldest tournaments, taking place long before the World Cup and the European Championship.

En 1916, was developed for the first time in Argentina and they hardly participated 4 selections: Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Chile. The title was won by Uruguay, who would then be the first world champion.

Más adelante, the competition was having several modifications, such as the incorporation of new selections and various formats. In fact, a partir de 1993 each edition is contested with a group stage and knockout instances.

The teams with the most titles are Argentina and Uruguay, con 15 consecrations, seguidos por Brasil, con 9. Then, Chile stand out, Paraguay and Peru (all with 2); and Bolivia and Colombia (1).

The fight for the throne

Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay are the only 3 South American teams that became world champions, so they are usually the favorites in each edition of the Copa América. Even, for sports bookmakers they are always among the candidates (mainly Brazil and Argentina). Ahora, taking into account that in the last 10 years none of these casts made a difference (and everything was very balanced), they will seek to consolidate a hegemony, just as they did at various times in their history.

At present, although Uruguay does not shrink and fight (he was the first champion of America and the world), the biggest dispute seems to be between Argentina and Brazil, who are the last champions and giants of South America. In fact, after the last continental final, they both see each other again in no time, for the South American qualifiers. Allí, we will have to see who is the favorite, knowing that it will be a very rough and close match. In this sense, sports betting houses, analyzed in detail at, they will give their verdict with their fees.

Por lo pronto, the throne in America is much fought and it will be seen if in the coming years any of these teams achieves hegemony in the continent.

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