Fifth of the Mini remained in the fifth failure

Fifth of the Mini remained in the fifth failure
The fifth of the Mini, a generation talented. PHOTO: Sports world

Fifth of the Mini aiming high in the mid 90. In the season 95-96, Things did not look good in Barcelona. The team was in full remodeling after a glorious previous stage that led him to win 4 leagues and a European Cup. The Dream Team had given way a set that still hand Johan Cruyff tried to deal as could the great athletic double and a Valencia where a newcomer Pedja Mitjatovic dazzled all and sundry.

New signings not just consolidate (except Luis Figo) and there were few alternatives. Between them, the most fruitful was to raise a number of young boys from the quarry to the first team in order to prepare the future more than the present. High quality and enormous goalscoring, and they arrived to the first team Albert Celades, Roger Garcia, Oscar García, Toni Velamazán or a short peeling astonished the world, Spaniard Ivan de la Peña.

An alignment of the fifth Mini.
An alignment of the fifth of the Mini with many faces that would be known later in First. PHOTO: Brand

A generation with a huge talent

These players who gave name to the Fifth Mini to play their games at the Mini Estadi quickly conquered the fans. showmanship, effectiveness and goalscoring ability were all one. Andorran Celades put the versatility, Roger with power shots midfield, Oscar It was the second goal line, and De la Peña magic, pass into the space where apparently there was nothing but grass.

Cruyff hand these players soon highlighted up to become key pieces of the U-21 Spanish. But nevertheless, what it promised to be a batch of players to the purest style than the Quinta del Vulture She vanished with the same speed as it appeared. The arrival of Bobby Robson bench with a plague of star signings (Ronaldo, Couto, Blanc, Amunike, Popescu's Figo or Stoichkov) first and the entry of Louis Van Gaal with a number of compatriots (Bogarde, Reiziguer, Boer brothers, Klivert o Overmars) theirs eventually sink this group of young.

What it was the fifth race of the Mini?

Ivan de la Peña, dearest had to leave the club when pierced 2.500 million pesetas Lazio Rome, for several years after establish itself as a banner of Espanyol. Roger Garcia He also hit the parakeet picture, before ending up saturating in the Vila-real CF and Ajax, which he would have the honor of carrying the last dorsal 14 Club. He then began a career in the dugout with his brother Oscar.

The fifth of the Mini with its valedor, Johan Cruyff. Photo:
The fifth of the Mini with its valedor, Johan Cruyff. Photo:

His brother Oscar, now coach, He mimicked the same way in the white team before hanging up his boots in Lleida and then train teams like Olympiakos, the Brigthon or Celtic among others. Celades He not resorted to the enemy city, but the great rival in the capital of Spain, Real Madrid before ending up playing in Zaragoza and the US MLS then start a coaching career that took him to the bottom of Spain and to lead an entire Valencia.

They traveled different paths which these young people and wiped out most forgotten of the footballing memory. not to Hanging by the Football, where the Fifth Mini always have a place in the nostalgic rinconcito. And it is that no generation of homegrown players may have boasted of having never filled a Mini Estadi as they did.

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