The future of Colombia in football: all you need to know

The future of Colombia in football: all you need to know
What will happen to Colombian football? PHOTO:

Colombia has not qualified for the World Cup in Qatar 2022. Entonces, what could happen in the future with this selection?

Colombia: a missed opportunity?

On the Internet you can find reliable websites to place bets online. Por ejemplo, when doing clic aquí, a secure platform will appear to make sports predictions. Y, for this one 2022, It is possible that the most appropriate thing is to think about competitions such as the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

Although there is still a long time, there is a selection that will not attend this World Cup event: Colombia. After a really erratic process, after a great process with Néstor Pekerman, Colombia could not attend the World Cup and it has been the last chance for a great litter of footballers.

Particularly, We talk about David Ospina, Falcao, James Rodriguez or Cuadrado. That is to say, footballers who, for a matter of age, surely they will not be available for the World Cup 2026, maybe except for james. Ahora bien, It should also be noted that the Pekerman cycle did not end with a title either.

Although they qualified for two World Cups and had a good performance in the Copa Americas, he always lacked a final sprint to achieve a good result and raise a cup. O sea, the opportunity was lost, but now also the possibility of going to the Qatar Soccer World Cup 2022.

What could happen with Colombia in the near future

Having said that, you also have to consider what will happen in the near future. En primer lugar, regarding the technician. There is still no official candidate to take the reins of this team, reason why it is not known who will be in charge of managing a high-performance squad to qualify for the next edition.

Once you decide, It will be necessary to see who will be summoned for the following years. For a matter of age and performance, Surely Luis Díaz will be in the game. Con 25 years and living a huge present in Liverpool, will be the one to lead the team in the coming years.

James Rodriguez, con 30 years, could also be another summoned, but it remains to be seen to what extent it maintains a high performance. Después, there are also other young players, as Lucumí, Luis Sinisterra or Yaser Asprilla, that aim to generate great performance for the near future.

And what about the tactical system? Well, there are other things to consider.. During years, Colombia got used to a 4-4-2 that allowed him to achieve a relative balance. No obstante, es verdad que, at times when the team needed a greater offensive boost, his technicians never managed to hit the nail on the head.

The important thing is to keep in mind that this country has a great potential for soccer players and the next crop will also have a good level. We will have to see if, at group level, everything is up to the task so that Colombia can lift an important trophy.

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