Koeman's Barcelona metamorphosis makes him the top favorite to win La Liga

Koeman's Barcelona metamorphosis makes him the top favorite to win La Liga
Koeman's Barcelona has gone from disaster to being a favorite for the title. PHOTO: The confidential

The start of the League was not as expected by FC Barcelona. In summer a technician arrived who knew the house, but as a player, Ronald Koeman; and the news broke about the possible departure of Leo Messi, that finally stayed. An instability that influenced the team in an irregular start that led the Blaugranas to place seventh in the standings and to move away from the options of winning the league before the turn of the year. But the situation has been reversed and currently they occupy second place in the First Division and se encuentran en la tercera posición con relación a las líneas de apuestas to take the title.

Wembley hero I was going back to the Camp Nou, with the resume of its known its quality as scorer defense but with the unknown of his performance at the Camp Nou as a coach. To that was added the instability that caused the non-materialized departure of the star of the team. The environment began to doubt the possibilities of the team, and the start of the season did not help to clear up the doubts.

The Barça started the League strong, with goals against Villarreal and Celta, but the dynamics were twisted with a draw against Sevilla and then came the defeats against Getafe and Real Madrid, the great rival. With an irregular game, Barcelona reached seventh position on the day 12, con 10 disputed parties (due to the adjustments in the calendar this season) and alone 14 points. In his locker there were four victories, two draws and four defeats. After losing against Cádiz the 5 from December, Barça was at 12 points leader, el Atlético de Madrid, and with the same league games played.

Koeman's Barcelona on the hunt for Atlético de Madrid

That moment was the turning point. In the next duel, Koeman's team beat Levante and since then they have not seen defeat in the Spanish League again.. The metamorphosis of Barcelona de Koeman as a whole it has been clear, with a more solid game and with Messi as a reference, the team has pulled out its nails and scaled the defenses supported by the attack.

To this day it has become the highest scoring team in the First Division with 67 tantos (16 more than Atlético), and with the best goal difference for and against, 43. Little by little he has climbed positions in the table and has reached this break of selections in second position just four points behind Simeone's. A trend that once again makes him the top candidate to win this edition of the League, focusing on her after elimination in al Champions, and to get the double with the dispute of the Cup final.

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