“They can not make those gestures, They are nothing to get excited”

“They can not make those gestures, They are nothing to get excited”
Hugo Mallo has always declared himself an unconditional fan of his Celta de Vigo. PHOTO Jorge Landin /

Hugo Mallo again jump into the fray after a new Galician derby between Celta and Deportivo, it with the special circumstance that the box A Coruña reached Balaídos already descended to Second Division. The side of the box vigués, It is known for having no special sympathy for the team Riazor, to the point of having starred in several controversies with regional rival by. The last, derby yesterday.

Celta's player valued holding deportivistas Lucas Perez and several players after winning the tie in the final minute of the derby and nearly squandering the options of playing in Europe of Vigo: “With the situation in which they are, they can not make those gestures. They are not to shoot rockets. Not only was Lucas, but they are free to do whatever they want”, He said in statements to the microphones of the string 'COPE'.

Earlier he had said that had seemed normal that the fans chants were dedicated to Celta Depor after falling last week with three games remaining in the league: “It is the law of life, it happened in 2004. The atmosphere today was weird but we try to approach the game without thinking about the situation of Depor nor in ours” Hugo Mallo argument one who has never hidden and always has been declared unconditional fan besides professional player, your club, Celta Vigo.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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