Ways to meet a soccer player

Maneras de conocer a un jugador de fútbol
How to meet footballers like Rurik Gislaslon? FOTO: New Woman

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If you are one of those who thinks that soccer players are cannon, sure you've ever fantasized about dating one of them. Does someone special come to mind? We all have the right to have fantasies, But what if we tell you that maybe your fantasy can come true?

Think that, in the background, soccer players are just young guys who are often looking forward to meeting women. A continuación, We offer you some ideas to increase your chances of meeting your favorite player.

Visit popular bars and venues in your city

Los futbolistas, especially the youngest usually go out in their city. The problem is that the public does not accept well that these professionals have fun, especially if they have lost the last game.

Esto, makes many footballers only go to venues with VIP sections that not everyone can go to. This way, players avoid crowds and can relax.

Sin embargo, if you are able to access these VIP spaces, your chances of talking to them multiply, because there are not many people who also have access.

Ask about the most fashionable places in your city and take a walk.

Go to sporting events in the city

The chances of a player noticing you while playing a game if you are in the crowd are quite remote. Sin embargo, athletes tend to attend many other sporting events: base sport competitions, matches of other professional teams in the city, specific sporting events that may be held, etc.

In these events, they go as a public and if you have the ability to approach, you may be able to exchange a few words.

Join the fan club

If the player is a world star, only select club members will be able to speak to him. But most players from most teams are not in that category.. They are normal people, with a job that makes them better known and with a better salary, but normal in short. Yes that's how it is, being part of the fan club can give you the option to meet him.

Por supuesto, it will depend on the personality of the player, since there are more open, more shy and lonely, but of course it is a possibility that is worth trying.

Support him on social media

When given badly, there will be few social media profiles that support you and if you are one of them, you may be lucky that he notices you. Eso sí, don't forget to tag it.

Go to training

When the training sessions are open, try not to miss them. Study where the player is usually positioned and stand where he can see you and you can make eye contact.

The success of this strategy is usually inversely proportional to how popular the player and his team are., Well, if the stadium is very big, the distance to the public probably is too, but you can try. Another key moment is the entrances and exits of the stadium.

Work for the club

This is one of the best ways to be able to relate to the players, since you will become part of their world. If you become a familiar face, you can start by greeting him every time you see him, throw you in with a "how are you" from time to time and see if it's accessible.

Use a dating site

Many players have a very lonely life and disconnected from reality and end up creating an account on a dating site.

It is no secret that you can meet singles online in the modern world and this also applies to soccer players. Según citasconlatinas.com there are many professional athletes who use dating sites to find their partners.

En algunos casos, will use a pseudonym, but if he is your favorite player, sure that even if it appears with another name and, por supuesto, without the clothes to play the games, you will be able to recognize it.

In summary. To meet a soccer player you will need some luck and it depends a lot on the size of your city, the popularity of the club you play for, the fame of the player himself and if you are able to enter any of his circles. If you don't live in a big city, these strategies are more likely to work. Do you dare to try them?

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