What is sports cryotherapy?

¿Qué es la crioterapia deportiva?
A fundamental part of the footballer's day-to-day life is recovery. And one of the best methods, is sports cryotherapy. PHOTO: Instagram CR

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An essential part of an athlete's day-to-day life is their optimal recovery, since without it the performance is seriously diminished. Thus, Currently, various methods dedicated to this aspect are used and which are growing in popularity.. Uno de ellos es la sports cryotherapy.

In this article we are going to talk about what it is, what it is and what are its benefits. Nevertheless, If you want to know more about sports cryotherapy I advise you to visit: https://cryosense.com/crioterapia-deportiva/

What is cryotherapy?

Roughly, cryotherapy is based on the application or use of cold as a therapeutic remedy that seeks a moderate and controlled destruction of tissues.

If we move to the sports field, cryotherapy is used primarily to treat muscle fatigue, contribute to the recovery of problems such as edema or inflammation derived from certain injuries.

Effects of cryotherapy

The effects that the use of cryotherapy techniques can produce during the recovery process of an athlete are usually multiple and effective.

Mainly, with cryotherapy we get:

  • Decreased body temperature, that has a direct and positive impact on performance. Yes indeed, as long as said decrease is not abusive.
  • Reduction of the extension of certain tissues due to lack of oxygen.
  • Acts as a pain reliever.
  • Helps reduce inflammation since cold reduces blood flow.

Ways to develop cryotherapy

There are many ways and techniques to carry out cryotherapy in our recovery as athletes.

We can use wet cloths, especially if we want to treat very large areas of the body. The only thing is that we must be changing these cloths every ‘two times three’, since they lose cold quickly.

Another very popular way is by using ice packs., which are placed directly on the affected area. This system allows a much more direct and lasting cold application than the previous one.

We can also find gels or sprais, although in the case of the latter, their effectiveness is not excessive.

Finally, the most used star method in professional sports are cold baths, part or full body, at a temperature ranging between 10 and the 15 degrees Celsius.

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